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1. Geek-out weekend

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Had a fantastic weekend geeking out. Saturday's TLUG technical presentation introduced me to the joys of Squeak, and I stayed as late as I could for the karaoke and stuff. Sunday was cold, dreary, and rainy. This turned out to be a very good thing, although it was gloomy in the beginning. Rain makes street performers scarce, so I decided to skip Yoyogi. Thought about going to the Edo-Tokyo Museum, but couldn't get in touch with Sebastien (a museum buff who mentioned wanting to go to the falconry exhibition). Decided to put that off instead. Got in touch with Dave Brown who invited me up to Saitama for DDR. Aaron Chmielowiec is a wizard at that thing. Asked him about Dance Maniax. Apparently, there are no more Dance Maniax machines in normal arcades. Waaah.

Had tons of fun practicing some songs with the two, as they're both better than I am. Browsed through Bic Camera afterwards. Lots of amusing commentary. Had dinner at an izakaya. Learned so many things about the Japan IT industry from the conversation. <laugh> Their college stories were also hilarious. They had such characters in their university! We talked about many other things, but I'm too sleepy to record them.

Wonderful weekend. =D

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2. Sheer hilarity

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Expect a long rant from me later.

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3. The largest Philippine IT organization is running a search for

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The Philippine Computer Society (largest IT organization in the Philippines) is running a search for "Digital Pinay 2005." They're looking for role models for information and communication technology. Women who exemplify the qualities expected of future women leaders of the Philippine ICT industry. Their application form asks for information like name, paragraph or two why you deserve the award, IT experience, and such essential information as height, weight, bust, waist, and hip measurements. I've posted the application form at http://sacha.sachachua.com/notebook/personal/digitalpinay.doc . Read it all the way to the end. It's hilarious. So hilarious that I cried from fury and humiliation that this is what they think future women leaders of ICT should have, should be. I am embarrassed that the worth of a person is bound up in how well she can wear a business suit. I am too furious to analyze how this objectifies woman, too close to the problem to see how anyone could have imagined this as having any sort of positive effect on women in IT.

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