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DigitalPinay controversy

1. It just gets better and better. This is a "traditional" event.

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From Ibarra Gutierrez, Editor-in-Chief of Media G8way: <blockquote> Digital Pinay is a project of the Philippine Computer Society. It is actually a take-off from their traditional Ms PCS contest. Media G8way, with its Events Department, was simply contracted to manage the project. This is not to say, however, that we are washing our hands with regards the project's concept now that it's getting flak from the IT community. In fact, we've called the PCS organizers to an emergency meeting tomorrow precisely to discuss reactions like yours. Rest assured that we'll do what we can to make the project truer to its purported objective. And we'll keep you and the IT community posted. Thanks for your concern.

IBARRA "Bombing" C. GUTIERREZ<br> Editor-in-Chief & Publisher<br> Media G8way Corporation<br> 3rd Floor, Eurovilla II Building<br> 118 V. A. Rufino St. (formerly Herrera St.), Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines<br> Tel. (632) 840-4227<br> </blockquote>

It just gets better and better. You mean it's only getting flak from the IT community now? You mean this is an old concept? I've e-mailed Leo Querubin to find out how long _that_ has been running and how it has managed to survive so far.

In the meantime, take a look at this excerpt from http://www.pcs-it.org/pcs/committees.htm#msict :

<blockquote> Special Project: Miss ICT

In-charge of preparing the activities and implementing guidelines/criteria for the Search of Miss ICT (professional and student levels):

<ul> <li> Revive the Computer Girl <li> More than just a beauty contest <li> Reflects ideals of PCS <li> Promote gender equality in the ICT industry <li> Promote ICT as an equal opportunity employer </ul>

Director-in-Charge: Ms. Ann Gatmaytan<br> Chair: Mr. Leo Querubin </blockquote>


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2. And now for a bit of lighthearted fun...

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"Sexiest Geek Alive" is a geek pageant done right. =) Google for it or be lazy and just check out the following links.

- http://telephonyonline.com/ar/telecom_geek_love/ - http://www.chloeveltman.com/features/digital_culture/sexiest_geek_alive.html - http://siliconvalley.internet.com/news/article.php/3531_790381 - http://linux.omnipotent.net/article.php?article_id=12243

Why does it work? 'cause it's as geeky as heck.

Positive stuff about women in technology:

- http://www-03.ibm.com/ibm/history/witexhibit/wit_hall.html - http://www.witi.org

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3. Digital Pinay 2005 on plug-misc

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<blockquote> But seriously, the organizers should have thought more about the matter. Women are not mere trophies to flaunt at events. Gee, if that were the case, they could have just gotten some actresses who could be spokespersons for them, I think. I mean, that's going to be advertising but with the duties of the "reigning" Digital Pinay - Hmmm, that seems to be the case. And that is sad, sad, sad.

I hope that the people from PCS would do damage control ASAP. Or else... </blockquote>

- Clair Ching, http://eclair.bizhat.com

<blockquote> When I read the headline of the article "Search for top Filipino female IT pros slated" I thought it was good as it would duly recognize Filipina contributors to the growth of Philippine IT. But now that I know the details I really find it insulting to women. Asking for vital statistics and requiring the winner to grace PCS occasions are simply demeaning.

Holden Hao<br> President<br> DabaweGNU, Inc.<br> Davao City </blockquote>

E-Mail from Holden Hao

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4. Testing, testing

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