1. And there are people who just don't get it

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<blockquote> From: Kyo Suayan &lt;kyo@suayan.com&gt;<br> Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 09:52:12 -0800<br>
Subject: Re: Philweavers Digital Pinay<br>
To be honest, what's the fuss all about?! Eh totoo naman na statistically speaking, mas kaunti ang magaganda sa IT field as compared to other disciplines! This is even supported by observations back in college wherein usually nasa ibang colleges and departments ang mga "chikababes". Seriously!

Finally somebody has come up with a brilliant idea on how to "put some life" on this very cold and impersonal industry which is IT. And what does some pseudo-activists do? Shoot it down. :-)

-kyo- </blockquote>

E-Mail from Martin Gomez

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2. Joining Technorati

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http://www.technorati.com has been really handy for finding DigitalPinay-related posts, so I'm adding my blog(s) to the index.

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3. From Chette Soriano on ph-cyberview

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<blockquote> Throwing all femininity aside, I laughed boisterously the first time I received the attachment. I might be a little too phlegmatic for my age (and sex), as I just found it humourous. A lot of my colleagues were really appalled.

I wonder if call centers are now considered part of IT (may computers naman sila eh, hehe).

May talent portion ba? Pano to, fastest woman who can assemble a PC? Or the usual scrabble/hangman programming test? Pabilisan mag-crimp ng RJ-45? Hehe.

To quote a friend: "Buti na lang walang height requirement."


Chette Soriano • www.chette.com </blockquote>

E-Mail from Chette Soriano

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4. mac_bolan00 on Atenista.net

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mac_bolan00 posted on Jan 20 2005, 12:42 PM

<blockquote> just a guess: beauty pageants offend ugly women, or those half into it. examples of the latter are homely computer scientists sniffing at 'Miss IT' pageants. the above guess is as much of an insult as it is fact. as a way to soften it, i'm of the opinion that all sane women are beautiful and desirable but never mind me.

well then, i'll throw a different question at you. supposing this IT pageant was meant to benefit indigent but talented students who wish to major in IT, will you still complain at the way society commoditizes beauty, particularly in women? </blockquote>

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5. PCS press conference on Digital Pinay

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<blockquote> PCS is holding a presscon on Digital Pinay tomorrow, Jan 21, starting at 3:30 pm, at AIM's ACCEED Center. You and others interested are invited to join. Just email (or text) me the names of the people attending so PCS can prepare the necessary press kits. Again, thanks for your concern. - Bombing </blockquote>

IBARRA "Bombing" C. GUTIERREZ<br> Editor-in-Chief & Publisher<br> Media G8way Corporation<br> 3rd Floor, Eurovilla II Building<br> 118 V. A. Rufino St. (formerly Herrera St.), Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines<br> Tel. (632) 840-4227; Fax (632)894-2487 Mobile +639178955739<br> E-mail: icgutierrez@mediag8way.ph

E-Mail from Dominique Cimafranca

I'm in Japan, so I can't go. I'll prepare a list of questions later, though. Who can make it?

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6. Sanitized application forms

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Leo Querubin of PCS sent me another set of application forms, saying <blockquote> These were the original apps forms. </blockquote>

- http://sacha.sachachua.com/notebook/personal/digitalpinay-coed.doc - http://sacha.sachachua.com/notebook/personal/digitalpinay-pro.doc

For comparison, the form I received in a forward is here:

- http://sacha.sachachua.com/notebook/personal/digitalpinay.doc

I like how the rules are no longer included so that they have more time to make up their mind. I like how the form does not mention the controversial prize of P 25,000 (look! the average monthly salary of an IT professional!) or the form of the contest.

It is entirely possible that there really was just a simple misunderstanding.

It is entirely impossible for everyone to believe that.

It is also probably impossible for them to reach everyone the first forwarded form(s) reached. They have opened up a can of worms, and they cannot neatly stuff all the worms back in.

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7. PCS has found their spin: It's a search for future C?Os

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Looks like PCS is pushing through with Digital Pinay 2005. Their spin? They're searching for future female chief executive officers, so 60% personality (in terms of appearance, popularity and poise) makes perfect sense.

Indeed it does. After all, they're looking for future managers, and managers really do need soft skills. So that's their market. They're not trying to define a good IT professional in terms of technical wizardry. This is MIS.

They're not saying you have to be pretty to be a good geek. They're saying you have to be pretty--este, personable--in order to be a good manager. Which is all too true and we're used to that, I guess.

I wonder if they'll ask the contestants in the "Search for the Most Outstanding CIO" to model sportswear. I still think that if you're looking for future leaders, you should ask them to make speeches instead of strut around in several different kinds of clothes. You should ask them to make a difference in their community.

I also don't think we lose our femininity by focusing on ideas and accomplishments. In fact, we express it by not highlighting it, not making it the center of attention. I want more attention paid to the fact that we get results through taking risks and working hard than to the accident of our gender.

Anyway. It's their org. It's their money and it's their name. At least they've clarified their position. I have a feeling there's nothing more I can do about that. We're talking about completely different things.

You know what my problem is? I keep thinking that the C in PCS means they're even vaguely related to the stuff we do. But right, right, they're business-related, and that's a completely different world. I just have to remember that. I really should remember that PCS is a professional organization, and their definition of IT is very different from our definition of IT.

You know what? I think I'll stay out of the corporate world. I love teaching. I love showing people that they can do anything they want to do in IT. I love hacking on open source. I don't want to have to dress up in a suit to work on something cool with other people.

I guess it's time to resume life. I have things to hack on.

Thanks to everyone who listened.

PCS to push through with Digital Pinay 2005 - INQ7.net

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