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1. Umeda bus stop

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Parking lot across the street from the front entrance of HOTEL HANKYU INTERNATIONAL. The roof of HOTEL HANKYU INTERNATIONAL looks like a rectangular plate and is lit up at night. The bus stop is between a LAWSON convenience store and the PIAS TOWER SQUARE. PIAS TOWER is easily visible from far away because of its height and greenish glass. Our staff will be there doing the check in with a table that has a sign written STAR EXPRESS on it. Please check in with our staff by telling them your name. They will tell you which bus to take when you check in. Please find your seat by looking up your name (KATAKANA) on the seating chart or ask one of our drivers to show you your seat. The bus is leaving Umeda at 22:50 PM, so please be there no later than 22:30PM. The bus will stop 2-3 times at service areas for break. It will arrive in Shinjuku Station at around 6:30 AM on January 25, 2005 if there is no heavy traffic.

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