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1. The dust settles

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Sean, Clair (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3), and Xenia have all blogged the results of the press conference held by the Philippine Computer Society last 2005.01.21 .

I think we've reached an acceptable compromise. The Philippine Computer Society is dropping the offensive beauty-pageant-like parts of "Digital Pinay 2005" and they've clarified their position.

If the contest is clearly marked as a search for future managers, I think it will not negatively affect the image people have of the technical side of things.

I still believe there are more effective ways to get an idea of someone's leadership potential than through text voting or clothes modelling. Presentations and business case analyses could give contestants a more realistic idea of what skills will be useful in their professional lives. Women who can speak and write well will be far more effective leaders than those chosen on the basis of looks or on the number of friends who are willing to sink money into a text popularity campaign. Then again, all contests make some kind of simplification. As the organizer, PCS decides what to search for.

I think it is time to let PCS figure out what to do with their concept. Perhaps they'll make it a success; perhaps they'll have problems fulfilling their admirable goals. Whatever happens, we have all learned much from the experience. We have learned the power of protest, and perhaps PCS has learned to be a little more careful. (At the very least, it knows it needs better public relations.)

I believe that "Digital Pinay 2005" can be a good idea if handled well. PCS has invited influential women like Sun head Cynthia Mamon to judge contestants. If these judges could make time in their busy schedules to guide the winners, perhaps having lunch every other week or even just once a month, then the winners of "Digital Pinay 2005" would win far more than monthly participation in PCS activities. They would gain guidance and mentorship.

I do not regret speaking up about this. I do not regret going public with my opposition to the original form that circulated through e-mail. I do not regret pointing out the deficiencies in the original contest structure. I do not believe this was something that could be handled quietly. PCS needed to clarify its position not only to those of us noisy enough to complain about it but also to other people who might have received only the form. I am glad that the furor caused by this has revealed that most people won't take this kind of nonsense.

In the course of checking this out and keeping track of the activity through my shared bookmarks, I have met so many wonderful people through their blogs. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Let's get together on a couple of projects--that summer camp idea looks like a good start, and I'd gladly volunteer time for that.

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2. Marriage proposal X of N ;)

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>>>>> Does anyone know of an implementation of good old adventure in elisp?

>>>> There's M-x dunnet, which is reminiscent of those old text adventure
>>>> games. You can of course run Adventure inside an eshell, but I don't
>>>> think that quite counts. =)

>>> Yup.  I was actually looking for old "Colossal Cave" Adventure.  I may
>>> write one, just to have something to do that has no earthly use instead
>>> of doing productive work.

>>> PLUGH!

>> Marry me?

> Sorry, already have ubercool boyfriend. ^_^

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