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1. Street performers

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dagbrown and I spent an afternoon watching street performers in Ueno Park. We caught two performers. The first did juggling, hat juggling, diabolo, and acrobatics on rickety chairs. The second did devilsticks and cup juggling. They were really cool, _and_ really funny! (My Japanese is getting better, too. I actually got the jokes... =))

I'm a big fan of street performers, and one of my life-goals is to be good enough to draw crowds. Street performers are masters at getting and keeping a crowd's attention. They're really, really fun. A flair for theater will help me in teaching, too.

Kathy and I don't really have patter or comedy going, but that's something I'd like to explore--perhaps when I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. I should buy a diabolo set before I go home, as they're cooler than devilsticks.

Anyway, that was way cool.

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