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BXConsolidate cash (JapanTraining)
BXPack souvenirs into check-in luggage (JapanTraining)
BXArrange for luggage pick-up by 3:00 on the 23rd or 22nd ... (JapanTraining)
BXWrite letter to Tomoko (social)
BXWrite postcard to CS department (social)
BXGet a box for sea-mailing clothes (JapanTraining)
BXPrepare a box for my clothes and shoes (JapanTraining)
BXReply to Dominique about yesterday's hanging out : E-Mail from Dominique Cimafranca (social)


1. Travel plans

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  • TKC to Kita Senju
  • Kita Senju to Nippori (arrive by 7:00)
  • Nippori (Keisei Line Sky Liner, 7:07) to Narita (arrive by 7:59)

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2. Arrange for luggage pick-up by on the 23rd or 22nd

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  • 1950 yen charge for 2nd piece of luggage
  • Pickup from AOTS: 9 - 12 on the 23rd
  • Pickup in airport: 3rd floor, ABC counter, near the JAL counter

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3. Karaoke with Dave and Tony

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Did most of my packing today. The big suitcase is jammed with souvenirs and the little suitcase will contain electronics. I'm shipping my clothes home by sea mail, as there is simply no way I can get them to fit into my original luggage.

Had fun doing karaoke with Dave and Tony. Must must must practice more. Eyes on Me is high, so I need to turn down the volume if I'm to hear my voice...

Hour passed by so quickly! Mrph.

Looking forward to doing karaoke with my friends once I get back to the Philippines.

Chatted with Tony on the train ride back. He told me a little bit about engineering in UP. We swapped notes on Japan. I gave him Super Lemon and he totally freaked. <laugh> Looks like an interesting guy, although not as geeky as my other friends. Should look into introducing him to the rest next time he goes to the Philippines.

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