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1. File transfers: Xdrive

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Xdrive looks like a promising way to transfer files between clients. It's an additional USD 9.95 a month for 5 GB. If I can find a cheaper mail/web host that still lets me do PHP hacking, then we can move off ipowerweb next year.

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2. Stock photography

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http://www.indexstock.com is an online stock photography service. Check out the guidelines. I think this is a good service for us to look into. Besides, we need to tag photos and cross-reference them with model releases anyway.

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3. Read about text messaging and blogging : E-Mail from Mark Chignell {{Tasks:22}}

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Ling, R. & Ytrri, B. (1999). “Nobody Sits at Home and Waits for the Telephone to Ring: Micro and Hyper-coordination Through the Use of the Mobile Telephone”. Telenor report 30/1999.

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