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BXMerge general fix for links from annotations : E-Mail from Dryice Dong Liu (2005.03.01 planner bug)
BXUpdate studio list based on AdphotoProfile1.pdf (Adphoto)
BXSubmit site to web directories ... (Adphoto)
BXWork on dad's sponsorship letters
BXListen to dad
BXCheck out EmacsWiki#RecentChanges from 2005.02.27
CXFix emacstidbits : E-Mail from bojohan (TaskPool)
CXCheck out Slashdot from 2005.03.01


8:00 22:00 Poi / staff / diabolo / circus practice at my house. You can come earlier and stay later if you want.


1. Accomplishment report for 2005.03.01

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Confirmed Globe DSL SMTP server

  • Found webmail.glinesnx.com.ph written on DSL box.
  • Sent and received test e-mail.
  • Confirmed with DSL tech support and Ben.
  • Next action: None

Updated studio list on website

  • Cut, cropped, and recolored photos from AdphotoProfile1.pdf.
  • Placed the pictures on Adphoto: Studio » Facilities.
  • Next action: Get better information on studios (dimensions, facilities)

Submitted site to web directories

  • Open Directory Project, http://www.photo.net.ph, Tanikalang Ginto, photographers.com (specializations: Advertising, special effects, digital, stock, product/studio still life)
  • Expect two weeks or more before listings show up.
  • Blurb used: Advertising photography and digital imaging from award-winning pioneers John Chua, G-nie Arambulo, Mac Antonio, Kathy Chua. 30+ years of experience of working with both local and international clients.
  • Next action: None

Worked on Haribon sponsorship letter

  • Rewrote proposal to be more attractive to potential sponsors.
  • Next action: Follow up with Dad

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