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1. Daring cat rescue!

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I was in the living room getting some stuff for my trip to Cebu when I heard plaintive meowing from the garden. Uh oh, cat in trouble! I meowed back, encouraging the cat to continue while I edged closer to the garden. I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from. Was the cat trapped in the space behind the airconditioner in the studio kitchen? Was the cat trapped on the roof? Which cat was it, anyway? The meow was high-pitched, so that wasn't Neko (who was right beside me watching her weird human meow)... HEY, WHERE WAS OLLIE?

I panicked and called the cavalry. "Dad! Dad! Ollie's stuck on the roof! Help!"

He told me to get Kathy, so I tore through downstairs looking for my sister. "Our cat! Ollie! Roof! I heard him from the garden!"

She grabbed a flashlight and headed to the garden, and we meowed to determine where Ollie was. Kathy headed up to the roofdeck while I meowed to reassure the stuck cat that help was on the way. Then I grabbed another flashlight and followed her.

Kathy carefully climbed onto the roof and made her way to the edge. She swung the flashlight and gasped when she saw Ollie trapped on the lower side. "Ollie! Sacha, call Papa!"

I ran downstairs and told my dad that Kathy found Ollie on the roof and we needed his help. He put on his pants and went upstairs. I grabbed a bowl of food from the planterbox and passed it to him so that he could give it to Kathy.

Kathy spent a few minutes coaxing Ollie out from the space under the water tower. After wheedling and holding her hand out to pet the poor hungry cat produced no results, she got the bowl of food from my dad ("This is dog food!" "I got it from the cats' planterbox!"), crouched beside the water tower... and rattled the bowl.

Two cat ears perked up.

She held the bowl out and quickly took her fingers out of the way as the starving cat attacked the food. After a number of bites, she grabbed Ollie and walked back to the ladder. She couldn't climb up with the cat in her arms and she was worried he'd bolt if she put him down, so I stepped onto my roof (very carefully as I was wearing slippers) and walked to the edge, taking the cat from her and making reassuring noises as we all went back inside.

Ollie headed straight for the planterbox and the bowl of food there. We didn't see much of him; we just heard this steady crunching.

Another daring cat rescue!

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2. Norah Jones

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Incidentally, went to the Norah Jones concert last night. I liked how each member of the band had their own time in the spotlight. =)

Oh, and she sang Nearness of You--one of my favorite songs. <grin> Don't Know Why was also very nice, and of course Come Away With Me...

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3. Ack, Microsoft Office is 20,488?

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If you want something with Microsoft PowerPoint, you need to spend P20,488 (Villman). Whoa. How much does Adobe Photoshop cost?

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4. In Cebu

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I'm in love.

I'm in love with the play of light upon the mountains and the glitter on the sea. I'm in love with the long-lost constellations in the night sky but not drowned out by the city. I'm in love with the golden sunlight filtering through the flowers and trees that line the road.

Cancel my return flight, Mom. I'll just stay here!

I know there's more to Cebu than what I've seen. I've spent just half a day here, and I know first impressions aren't infallible. I want to stay here until I'm sick of Cebu, until I miss Manila terribly. Manila has my family and my friends, but here there are nearby parks that aren't choked by malls and restaurants, here there are skies that are not yet flooded by light...

If I don't get accepted into UToronto and Cebu Institute of Technology is as interesting as Cherry Sta. Romana and Jigger Escario are, I'll look into studying there. Will I be too out of touch if I do that? PLUG activity is Manila-centric; most groups are. Will I be able to spark activity around me? I should find out how the local tech scene is. Chances are, they're doing really cool things without telling the rest of the Philippines.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll see the bigger picture and decide Manila is much nicer, but tonight I will go to sleep in love with a city. It might just be a passing thing. It might not be.

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