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1. Image processing

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You know, we really can teach image processing as part of an introductory CS course. It opens avenues for creativity and makes mathematics less intimidating. The BlueJ book talked about it; it really does make sense. Histograms, gamma correction, posterization, etc... fun!

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2. Had tons of fun!

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I learned so much from the conference--proof that the best way to receive knowledge is to give it away! I met a lot of people that I should definitely keep in touch with because they're doing really cool things, like Dr. Maja, Justin, Pauline, Lawrence...

Here are some more conference notes:

Justin was a great speaker. He structured his talk to have some interactivity, breaking the students up into groups so that they could try out project planning. Slightly marred by students' inertia, but a good idea anyway. He then put forward a humorous scenario that neatly highlighted the challenges of project management and explained the basics of PM through jokes and stories. Excellent speaker, probably the best presenter in the conference.

They asked me to repeat my Knoppix talk for the benefit of the students, so I did my whizbang look-how-much-you-can-get-on-one-CD presentation. That was fun, too.

Met Dominique's landlady. She was really nice.

Had to buy a swimsuit. I came to Cebu without packing a swimsuit--what was I thinking? Grabbed a pair of slippers, too.

Had dinner with the camera club. Dominique came as well. That was fun.

He's teaching me Bisaya. If I can learn enough Japanese to make myself understood, I should be able to learn enough Bisaya to charm people. Here's what I took up today:

Maayong hapon. Good afternoon
Lingaw ka-ayo. It's lots of fun.
Nindot ka-ayo. It's very nice.
Maski studyante, kaya ka-ayo. Even a student can do it.
Daghan ko natun-an gikan sa ... I learned so much from ... (hmm, I think I got the Bisaya part wrong. Maayon?)
Daghang salamat. Thank you.

(Thanks to James Lloyd Atwil for the corrections!)

I didn't get to use the phrases during my talk, though. Got nervous. =)

More thoughts on software patents. In short, I think they really suck, and that our government should focus on fixing copyright.

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