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BXAttend pictorial at 3:15 in graduation assembly area at Ateneo High School; come in semi-formal clothes : E-Mail from Pablo Manalastas (social)


1. Kodak Philippines: send pictures through the Net

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In response to Michael Cheney's search for a service that'll let him upload photos and have them printed out by someone in the Philippines, Doc Mana mentioned Kodak Express and said:

They have a FAQ, which guides you through the membership process. I have not personally tried this service, but Kodak Philippines has a very good reputation for quality printing, so you will not be disappointed.

E-Mail from Pablo Manalastas

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2. Tanaga: Siopao

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My first tanaga. Please help me fix my Tagalog; I might've gotten some of the nuances wrong. The poem below is fairly sick. I hope this never happens to any cat!


pusang aking inangkin
hinagkan nang malambing,
siniopao at kinain?!
iba sana hinain!

Buhayin ang Tanaga!

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3. Backdated picture

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2005.03.18 : http://curry.ateneo.net/files/acm05grad/ : [p3180003.jpg] L-R standing: Reinabelle Reyes, John Paul Vergara, Miguel Arguelles, Joseph Noel, Lerriza Lorraine Uy, Clifford Lim, Pablo Manalastas, Allan Espinosa, Sandra Jean Chua, Charles Yeung, Mary Louise Lim, Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo, Jerome Punzalan. L-R squatting: Erik Troy Uy and Michael Gonzales. Not in this picture are: Mark Punzalan, Eric Vidal, Proceso Fernandez, and a few other contestants.

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