1. Still sick

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I still have a hard time swallowing, and I'm somewhat warmer than normal. Oh well. Also feel very--no, not quite sleepy, but I do want to vegetate.

In other news, I had a lot of fun playing taiko at the arcades. I've gotten much better at it since my retun,. I can easily clear simple songs and have even cleared the medium version of the 5th symphony. (Don't ask me what the 5th symphony is doing there, but it's lots of fun.)

Watched Miss Congeniality 2 today.

Oh, wore the funky pants Kathy gave me. Also wore the pretty zori I brought home from Japan.

Much fun.

Still sick, though.

どのねこも、どのねこもひとくちずつ草を食べました。すると野原中の草はすっ かりなくなってしまいました。 Each cat ate a mouthful of grass and not a blade was left!

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"...very few phenomena can pull someone out of Deep Hack Mode, with two
noted exceptions: being struck by lightning, or worse, your *computer*
being struck by lightning."
(By Matt Welsh)