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AXAttend "Pitching Your Idea" in Ateneo @0800 at SEC LEC 2 : 2005.03.29#3 (business)
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1. Dr. Oposa's party

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Went to Dr. Oposa's 81st birthday party last night. I was surprised to find Jess there. Turns out Dr. Oposa's her grandfather. Small world, isn't it?

Dr. Oposa had some dance instructors over. Had tons of fun ballroom dancing, particularly doing the swing. I love dancing. =)

彼女の猫、また四匹も産んだんだ。 Her cat had another four kittens.

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2. Major website revamp

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I changed my website layout and added blurbs about Planner and some of my other pages. =) It's rather cute now. It should read better than the previous design did in non-CSS browsers like w3m, links and lynx.

彼はとても満足そうに見える。 He looks like a cat that ate the canary.

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