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AXGet my student permit
AXSend Ching's coat to the dry-cleaners
AXClear my drafts folder
ACWrite script for followup call ... (Adphoto)
BXReply about halohalo, etc. : E-Mail from Franco Mesina (business)
BXDraft interest query for planner community for Linux Journal
BXTrack down cyclic saves : E-Mail from sf (2005.04.04 planner bug)
BXFigure out why day pages have problems publishing : E-Mail from Paolo Vanni M. Veñegas (bug)
BXSee if planner-multi disagrees with id : E-Mail from Kohkichi Hosoda (bug)
BXTake a look at instructions : E-Mail from Carlos E. Perez
BXCheck out EmacsWiki#RecentChanges from 2005.04.03
BXSend hand-written thank-you notes (2005.04.04 business)
BXPackage deb including bugfix for why update does not work with ids : E-Mail from Niklas Morberg (bug)
BXCheck out http://www.philvencap.com (2005.04.04 business)
BXWrite Maoi Arroyo about lunch (2005.04.04 business)
BXWrite edgard about PESO (2005.04.04 business)
BXCheck out http://www.hybridigm-consulting.com (2005.04.04 business)
BXCheck out http://www.gurango.com/pitch/ (2005.04.04 business)
BXCheck out http://web.mit.edu/peso (2005.04.04 business)
BXCheck out http://www.businessmaker-academy.com (2005.04.04 business)
BXJoin entreplinkphilippines at yahoogroups.com (business)
BXFill out open source development survey at http://flosspols.org/survey/survey_part.php?groupid=sd : E-Mail from Miriam Ruiz (foss.politics)
BCTrack down configuration and planner : E-Mail from sf (TaskPool)
BCLook into duplicate tasks: E-Mail from Raimund Kohl-Fuechsle (2005.04.04 bug planner)
BCTrack down planner-sort-tasks problem: E-Mail from Dryice Liu (2005.04.04 bug planner)
CCAsk about classical music for ringtones for mom


1. Planner and the Karma Pod — Planner making music!

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<dto> sachac: thanks
<dto> sachac: want to see the function i am writing?
<dto> sachac: it's my own user interface menu to eev-mode
<dto> sachac: (soon to have planner extensions :-)
<lisppaste> dto pasted "eev-script for planner" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/7126
<lisppaste> dto annotated #7126 with "my dtox.el thoughts (some of the thoughts are working!)" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/7126#1
<dto> sachac: that won't work for you if you don't have my .e libraries installed... they are definitely not ready for release, but good
      enough to set up jams and multitrack recording
<sachac> dto: Oooooh, that's great!
<dto> sachac: it runs planner
<dto> sachac: i want to make cool stickers for this pod, kind of like "Intel Inside!" but for OSS projects like Pd, Snd, Planner :-)
<sachac> Hehehe...
<sachac> "Crazy things PlannerMode helps people do: make music!"
<dto> yesh!
<dto> and of course i'll be releasing the customizations as an installable package.
<sachac> dto: You're insane. ;) And... like... seriously... funkily... crazily... cool.
<dto> so the steps will be: install Fedora Core 3, install planetccrma with my convenient installer script, install CVS emacs with my
      convenient installer script, etc...
<dto> sachac: have you checked into eev-mode. you and edrx should seriously talk


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DOS: n., A small annoying boot virus that causes random spontaneous system
     crashes, usually just before saving a massive project.  Easily cured by
     UNIX.  See also MS-DOS, IBM-DOS, DR-DOS.
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