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1. I'm on Yahoo 360

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http://360.yahoo.com is yet another social networking service, this time from Yahoo. I'd rather not spam everyone I know (we're all on far too many social networks as it were), so... anyone who wants to link up can just invite me or e-mail me or use the ever-so-handy comment form below. =)

猫は小鳥に忍び寄った。 The cat crept toward the bird.

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2. Adphoto notes

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  • 1. What must a sales person be, have, know or learn to be effective in sales?
  • 2. Difference between sales and marketing functions; sales vs sales management
  • presentable; pleasing personality; approachable
  • communications: spoken, written English and Tagalog; negotiation; good listener; presentation skills; computer literacy/savvy
  • ethics
  • training: product knowledge: equipment, services, photographers' skills and expertise; sales, presentation skills
  • job description
  • familiarization with company (people, facilities, policies, organization structure, presentation/sales kits (images, spiel/script)
  • clients: know clients and their requirements; who? territorial assignments
  • pricing
  • competitors
  • performance
  • employment contracts

training: when?

  • as soon as hired
  • continuing training
  • periodic

lack of training

  • not productive
  • short of knowledge
  • lack of confidence
  • wrong information
  • not professional
  • train, keep
  • train, lose
  • not train, keep
  • not train, lose XX

Why do clients get Adphoto?

  • quality of work
  • support service
  • good food
  • Lucas
  • fast delivery
  • high tech
  • good reputation
  • facilities
  • we go to them

what do we need to train: (materials)

  • portfolios
  • list of equipment and usage
  • photographers' profiles
  • list of clients
  • pricing guidelines / rate sheets / stock photos / equipment rental / studio rentals
  • company policies
  • sales policies
  • job descriptions
  • reports / forms / analysis: billing (per qtr, per client, per ...), collection, cost estimate, job, sched, delivery receipt. frequency, volume, value.
  • workflow
  • corporate profile
  • services
  • supplies
  • performance evaluation
  • advertising and promo materials
  • employment contracts


  • 1. prepare a training manual
  • 2. prepare a training program
  • 3. update old employees' employment contracts, job description
  • 4. look for someone to handle sales training

「ええ、かわいい、ちいさな、ふわふわしたねこですよ」年をとったおばあさんが言いました。 "Yes, a sweet little fluffy cat" said the very old woman.

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"...Deep Hack Mode--that mysterious and frightening state of
consciousness where Mortal Users fear to tread."
(By Matt Welsh)