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1. Chat with Ranulf

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I had a nice long chat with Ranulf Goss about life, the universe, and everything. I think it's absolutely wonderful that he wants to inspire people to go into independent game development here in the Philippines, and I wish him lots of luck. I'm looking forward to our Subic trip this weekend, too! =)

私たちはその猫をミミとなずけた。 We named the cat Mimi.

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2. Keeping it Personal

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http://www.douglasjohnston.net/weblog/archives/2005/04/09/keeping-personal/ is an insightful blog post on personalizing a planner. It inspires me to do something similar with my Planner. =)

彼らは猫のように四つんばいにはった。 He crept on all fours like a cat.

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linux: the choice of a GNU generation
(ksh@cis.ufl.edu put this on Tshirts in '93)