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joroxx said:

oh man, how do you keep a life so organized? ya know i love emacs and lisp but i'm bogging down on planner. :-(

i guess i like spontainity and surprises! :-)

Some people look at my website and think I'm organized. I have no idea what gives them that impression. Maybe it's the color-coded task list. Yes, yes, that must be it.

Regular readers will notice, however, that I procrastinate as much as anyone else. Just check my website tomorrow and see which tasks still aren't done. ;) In fact, if you look at the linked pages, you'll find lots of tasks I haven't even scheduled.

I guess I procrastinate in an organized manner. ;) Planner lets me do that. It doesn't guilt-trip me into productivity or nag me to do things. Rather, it helps me keep track of the things I'd like to eventually get around to doing, and it occasionally reminds me that I should do some of those things soon.

Planner makes working fun. I love seeing crossed-off tasks on my Planner. When I break things down into tiny little pieces and cross them off my list, it feels good. On the other hand, if I don't manage to cross off anything on my list, that means I had either made progress on at least one task or had fun doing something unexpected. <grin>

I love surprises, too. Today I had lunch with Clair and Madj at Greenbelt. Totally unplanned--actually, I was just planning to sleep in--but totally, totally fun. Then my mom and I went to a wedding in Alabang, and that was surprisingly wonderful and sweet... =)

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