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1. Subic

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We went to Subic last weekend. It was tons of fun. =) I'm really glad I had an opportunity to spend more time with Diane, and I'm also really glad I got to know Jac more. Dominique was absolutely wonderful (and well-behaved). Ranulf and Marcelle were cool, too. <grin>

Yay yay yay yay!

私は、例えば、猫や犬のような動物が好きです。 I like animals, for example, a cat or a dog.

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2. Graphic Expo 2005 contests

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  • The 4th Animation Competition
  • The Annual Digital Art Competition
  • The Digital Imaging Contest


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3. Freenet appreciation day

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I am ultra-grateful to Jijo Sevilla (jijo AT sachachua.com) for my mail and DNS. He's ubercool. He says:

You can help by referring my managed hosting services to anyone you may come by who may benefit from outsourcing web (Zope/Plone/CoreBlog), email and mailing list hosting services. My pricing is competitive, AFAIK, and should be great for SMEs. I don't do website development, but have a partner (Sparkplug Studios) who does.

E-Mail from Federico Sevilla III

A spot of shut−eye は、また猫のいねむりともいわれている。猫は1度に2〜3分しか寝ない癖があるからだ。 "A spot of shut-eye" is also called a cat nap because a cat is in the habit of sleeping only a few minutes at a time.

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"If the future navigation system [for interactive networked services on
the NII] looks like something from Microsoft, it will never work."
(Chairman of Walt Disney Television & Telecommunications)