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1. Wheee... =)

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<jmobautista> did you catch my message on livejournal? :D
<sachac> Hmmm, gotta check... Which entry?
<jmobautista> i was asking if i could add you to my friends page, as
              (shh don't tell sacha) secretly i admire your
              organization and thought-keeping skills.
<jmobautista> the one right before your most recent one.
<sachac> <laugh> Go ahead and add me. I'll add you too so that you can
see my disorganized unkept thoughts. =)
<jmobautista> to tell you the truth, after reading your lj and recent
              wiki entries, it got me writing again
<sachac> That's good to hear! =D
<jmobautista> oh, and also, i wanted to congratulate you on your
              relationship (i know it's late) - it caught me off
              guard, especially as i only found out through your
              latest post
<jmobautista> i'm still on sacha i-will-never-have-a-boyfriend mode @_@
<sachac> <laugh>
<sachac> Thanks.
<jmobautista> anyway, back to topic - i really admire how you have
              these huge lists on your wiki - and at the end of the
              day you've crossed them all out.
<jmobautista> in spite of everything you do, in spite of all your
              interests and such.
<sachac> Heh. Not today--only a few non-essential things crossed out...
<jmobautista> that's really admirable. even though i haven't had the
              pleasure of picking apart brains with you for long, i
              really respect that.
<sachac> The lists are actually just lists of things I do, and part of
         my interests.
<sachac> (I keep them written down because I'll otherwise forget them.
         Besides, it's nice to see crossed-out stuff.)
<jmobautista> but still, you're able to accomplish most of them! the
              past few years haven't been kind to me (long story) and
              i've hit a lot of slumps
<jmobautista> i find it hard to complete even stuff i'm interested in
<jmobautista> so those times i wander off to your wiki to be inspired.
<sachac> The trick is to make the tasks so small that it's easier to
         finish them than to procrastinate... ;)
<jmobautista> but shh, don't tell anyone :P
<jmobautista> exactly.
<jmobautista> that's what i do these days.
<sachac> I keep a couple of important stuff around so that I can do
         the other tasks while procrastinating the bigger tasks...
<sachac> ... and when I do get those spurts of productivity, I just
         work through my list, trying to make the most of it. =)
<sachac> (I'm really not that organized or productive; I just _look_
         it because it's written down somewhere. =) )
<jmobautista> semantics. it's inspired me all the same. and i'm sure
              the same is true for a lot of people. ^_^
<sachac> I'm glad to hear that. =)
<sachac> I'm really glad to hear that I sometimes help you get out of
         your slumps. =D

... after some more conversation ...

<jmobautista> i guess i wish i could replay that time and appreciate
              the study more. and the teaching. you have a lot of
              passion for it, and it shows brilliantly.
<jmobautista> i'm sorry it took me so long to say that, but there it is. ^^;;
<sachac> <smile> Thank you. That means a lot to me.


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