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BXCheck out http://www.mackay.com/howhelp/Mac66.html : E-Mail from Richi's server (2005.05.09 productivity LifeHacks)


1. Profiling Your Customer

People are often thrilled by the fact that I try to keep track of their interests and inclinations. I avidly file away tidbits I learn while listening to them talk, but I'm not yet used to asking people for more details or engaging in small talk. I'm starting to think that there's more to small talk than just passing time, though. I guess asking about all of these things makes good business sense.

Patrick G. of http://www.zill.net replied to my post on keeping in touch with people with this excellent tip:

re: your post on keeping track of people and their interests - did you ever hear of the "Mackay 66" ? A guy here in the US wrote a book about selling, and he requires his saleman to keep a "66" on each customer - 66 things you should know about them. See http://www.mackay.com/howhelp/Mac66.html - at least 1 thru 57 is useful for friends too.

I wonder what other lists are out there...

彼はコンピュータに詳しい。 He is familiar with computer.

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2. Odd things

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On our way back from Infoweapons (and on the prowl for non-fried places to eat), Paolo and I spotted a brightly-lit cafe with Japanese characters sprayed on its windows. We stood there for a moment, deciphering the inscription: 喫茶と軽食. Tea house and snacks. Coffee and snacks. Something like that.

Then we saw the bookshelves overflowing with manga.


We went in and stared at the manga collection for a moment. I amused myself by trying to translate the sign posted above the bookshelf. The English caption mentioned Japanese people who want to converse with Cebuanos. Being neither Japanese nor Cebuano, I wondered if they'd let me come and practice Japanese anyway. A look at the clientele--old Japanese businessmen, pretty Filipinas--and at the high prices posted, and Paolo and I looked at each other and laughed. It might be like one of those snack bars I saw in Shinjuku...

Hmm. Maybe we can have a cup of hot chocolate / coffee and read as much as we want. Maybe Wednesday. Hehehe...

私は妹に新しいコンピューターを使わせてやった。 I let my sister use my new computer.

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3. Sheep

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Babe's airing on HBO right now. It reminds me of this Windows 3.11 game about herding sheep. The strange thing is that I can't quite remember playing the game. I mean, I remember playing it, but I'm not sure if I really remember playing it.

There goes my sanity, I guess... Does anyone else remember this game?

I miss Maxwell's Demon, too. And Jezzball. Whee.

1987年10月のある朝、ステイブン・ホーキングは自分のコンピュータの前に座っていた。 One October morning in 1987, Stephen Hawking sat before his computer.

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"...and scantily clad females, of course.  Who cares if it's below zero
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