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1. New productivity blog: To-Done

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I stumbled upon a cool new productivity blog: http://www.to-done.com. Keith started on May 4. Based on the articles that are already up, I'd say To-Done is a blog well worth watching. I mean, someone who's into the Hipster PDA and GTD and other things can't be all that bad, eh? ;)

You might also want to subscribe to 43folders if you aren't reading that yet. Really nifty.

And if you're having a hard time keeping on top of all of these blogs, I highly recommend Bloglines! It's an RSS aggregator that makes it easy for you to subscribe to many sites and view all of the new entries on one page.

I love reading people's reflections on how they plan their day and how they organize their information. Have any other blogs to recommend?

彼女はコンピューター・プログラマーではないのですか。 Isn't she a computer programmer?

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2. Hipster PDA: GTD Tiddly Wiki

Miguel Javier said:

GTD Tiddly Wiki is a GettingThingsDone adaptation of JeremyRuston's Open Source TiddlyWiki. The purpose of GTD Tiddly Wiki is to give users a single repository for their GTD lists and support materials so they can create/edit lists, and then print directly to 3x5 cards for use with the HipsterPDA.


No kidding. I wonder what we should do to get Planner to support 3x5 index cards sanely...

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彼女は娘にパソコンを買ってやった。 She got her daughter a personal computer.

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