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AXDrop off my transfer credential form at the Ateneo registrar (MoveToCanada)
AXGet a two-year haircut (MoveToCanada)
AXPick up my transcript from Pisay (MoveToCanada)
AXPrint out my statement of purpose (MoveToCanada)
AXWrite a personal study plan: a description of my proposed program of studies as it relates to my academic, technical or vocational background (MoveToCanada)
AXAsk Ateneo about the transcript (MoveToCanada)
ACGo to Ateneo education department and pick up my transfer credential form (MoveToCanada)
BXMake outline for taming the todo (writing)
BXCheck out EmacsWiki#RecentChanges from 2005.05.29


1. Gah, need to organize

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I really need to sort my things. I vaguely remember seeing my USB key somewhere--must've been my room. I'll start that later. First, I'll pack all the things I can donate or throw away...

パソコンのマニュアルを書ける人を探しています。 I am seeking a person who can write a personal computer manual.

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2. Office supplies shopaholic

My name is Sacha Chua and I'm an office supplies shopaholic. I find it nearly impossible to pass a bookstore without checking out the index cards and notebooks in stock.

Today I bought two small plastic cases.

A good size for scrapbook material: photos, receipts, tickets... No more digging around in my bag for things to scrapbook!

(Hmm. Thinking about it now, I could have also survived with a Ziplock(tm) packet.)

Okay. Maybe I can store art materials in it. Or cards. Yeah, it's a good size for stationery. That's it.

(You know you have it bad when you think of reasons _after_ you buy the thing...)

On my way out of the school supplies stand, I found my fingers inexplicably rifling through the notebooks on display. I picked up a Stradmore notebook composed of eight thin notebooks held together with pins. Here's the side view:

A light bulb went off in my head. This is perfect for journal-writing! I can keep a journal along with my work notes (eliminating the need for a separate album) and then simply re-file them. If I use a mini-notebook for letters to Dominique, I can mail the whole mini-notebook to him when I'm done.

I had a hard time deciding between a small notebook that could fit in my purse and a medium-size notebook that gave me more room to write, but I eventually decided on the medium-size notebook.


Because it had "girl" written all over it.


Of course, _after_ I bought it, I reasoned that larger mini-notebooks would be more efficient to store and mail. (Right.)

家にはパソコンが5台あるが、内2台は役立っていない。 It is not useful though there are five personal computers in the house.

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