Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
AXSchedule an appointment with the US embassy
AXFinish contact information and work history for nonimmigrant visa applicant
AXFinish supplemental nonimmigrant visa application form
AX1h Finish US embassy form (MoveToCanada)
AXCheck on DHL package (MoveToCanada)
BXUse task hook for marking tasks done : ../emacs/dev/planner/planner-timeclock.el (2005.06.09 planner)
BXMerge dryice/42 for planner-authz : E-Mail from Dryice Dong Liu (2005.06.09 feature planner)
BXRead about personality types from email : E-Mail from Mark Chignell (research)
BXAsk Tita Raquel to reserve a flight (grad)
BXMake a breakdown for planner-timeclock-summary : E-Mail from micah milano (2005.06.09 planner feature)
BXFollow up nil bug for gnus link : E-Mail from Jesse Alama (2005.06.09 bug planner)
BXWrite code for planner-multi to automatically schedule things onto TaskPool : E-Mail from Paul D. Kraus (2005.06.09 planner help)
BCReply about personal information management and social communities : E-Mail from Mark Chignell (2005.06.09 FurtherStudies gradschool grad)
BCRe-fix gnus-registry 5.9.0 issue : E-Mail from Patricia J. Hawkins (2005.06.09 planner bug)
CXReply about person planner : E-Mail from Paul Lussier (2005.06.09 feature planner)


1. Automatically scheduling tasks onto TaskPool

(defadvice planner-create-task-from-buffer (before paul activate)
  "Automatically schedule task onto TaskPool as well as other projects."
  (if plan-page
      (unless (string-match plan-page "TaskPool")
        (setq plan-page (concat plan-page planner-multi-separator "TaskPool")))
    (setq plan-page "TaskPool")))

Here's another snippet that will unschedule tasks from TaskPool when you mark them completed with C-c C-x (planner-task-done). Nifty stuff, huh?

(defadvice planner-task-done (after paul activate)
  "Remove completed tasks from the TaskPool if that still leaves them linked."
  (let ((info (planner-current-task-info)))
    (when (planner-task-link-text info)
      ;; If it is linked to TaskPool _and_ at least one other thing
      (if (string-match planner-multi-separator (planner-task-link-text info))
           (planner-multi-make-link (planner-multi-filter-links "^TaskPool$" (planner-multi-task-link-as-list info) t)))
        ;; Else if it has a date and is linked to TaskPool
        (if (and (planner-task-date info)
                 (string= (planner-task-link info) "TaskPool"))
            (planner-replan-task nil))))))

原始的な計算機が、コンピューターの開発されるずっと以前に存在していた。 Primitive calculating machines existed long before computers were developed.

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