Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
AXFill out suitemate allocation questionnaire (2005.06.27 MoveToCanada)
ACBe at US embassy @8:30 for visa appointment
AC@Citibank E-mail account details to Tina for past bank statements (2005.06.27 MoveToCanada)
BXFollow up on invitations to party (2005.06.27 social)
BXLook for bug in creating task from gnus : E-Mail from Christoph Gaitzsch (2005.06.27 bug planner)
BXLook into planner-create-task-from-note : E-Mail from Scott Otterson (2005.06.27 help planner)
BXReply regarding remember link names : E-Mail from Scott Otterson (2005.06.27 help planner)
BXWrite about forms exchange {{Tasks:31}}
BXMake planner-create-note on project pages do the right thing : E-Mail from Scott Otterson (2005.06.27 bug planner)
BXTell Maoi's brother about rp-photo : Chat with :rcdiugun on testing.bitlbee.org%23bitlbee
BXPost SFD announcement (2005.06.27 sfd)
BXMerge fix to planner-multi regarding wikified names : E-Mail from Romain Francoise (2005.06.27 bug planner)
BC@Citibank Ask about the mismatched visa forms (2005.06.27 MoveToCanada)


1. Open-Sourcing Conferences

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Interesting idea: put the focus on the attendees...

それらの単語は彼のコンピュータ・スクリーンに現れたのだった。 The words would appear on his computer screen.

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2. Make a difference

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You are all invited to attend the New Volunteers Orientation of Hands On Manila on Tuesday, June 28th at the Powerbooks Megamall, Bldg. A, beginning at 6pm. Hands On Manila is a non-profit organization that coordinates a wide range of flexible volunteer opportunities around the Mega Manila area. There are no skills required so whether you want to do a feeding program with street children, teach some basic baking skills, tutor Math and English, or conduct a badminton sports clinic, there's something for everyone.

For inquiries, please call dondon marquez or abby pacquing at 843-5231, 843-7044 or email homla@info.com.ph

コンピューターを使える人を探しています。 We are looking for somebody who can use a computer.

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3. ntfsresize

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Marcelle's laptop (a Compaq Presario 2500 with 60GB of hard disk space) succumbed to malware. I'm helping him out so that I can play a few days of Sims 2 on his laptop. ;) To avoid future problems with Microsoft Windows reinstallations, we'd like to make separate partitions for games and data. That way, the next time he has problems with Windows, he can just wipe C: and scan the other two drives.

Unfortunately, Compaq's QuickRestore System Recovery CD makes one NTFS partition that occupies all of the space on the hard disk. PartitionMagic would've done the trick, but its hefty price-tag just isn't worth this one-time use.

Linux to the rescue. I'll be installing Ubuntu on Marcelle's laptop anyway so that he has a relatively safer system for browsing the Web and posting blog entries. When he's in a strange network, he can use Linux to protect himself from the worms and malware that would just love to reinfect his computer.

Ubuntu's based on the popular Debian GNU/Linux distribution, and among other things, it contains a tool for resizing NTFS partitions without losing any data. You don't even need to defragment your hard disk before resizing it. I had to run chkdsk from the Windows recovery CD to take care of a persistent error in the filesystem before I could use ntfsresize, but resizing it was easy after I took care of that problem. I followed the suggested usage in http://mlf.linux.rulez.org/mlf/ezaz/ntfsresize.html and set up the partitions just the way I wanted them.

Hooray for Linux! Microsoft Windows might not anticipate my need to organize data the way _I_ want to, but free software gives me the tools I need to do what I want.

今やノート型コンピューターは弁当箱と同じくらいが一般的だ。 Now note computers are as common as lunch boxes.

John Sturdy writes:

If only I had known about Ubuntu being able to do the resize for you — I've just spent a rather sore week setting up an uncooperative Windows machine as dual-boot, using a variety of tools including Partition Magic, parted, and others!

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4. Cool, another Emacs geekette

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Svaksha is another Emacs geekette. She passed by my blog and left an encouraging note about voicing one's thoughts. =)

コンピューターは、たちえ緩慢にせよ大きな変化を引き起こした。 Computers caused a great if gradual change.

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5. Forms

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My mom's amazing. Her interest in organizing information helped professionalize the advertising photography industry here in the Philippines. She told me how they exchanged forms with other photographers, sharing with them the format for the cost estimates so that clients would be able to find information easily.

Many of the forms we use haven't been shared with other people in the industry. I wonder when they're going to do another forms exchange to help other photographers learn how to manage their work? I really admire the way my mom keeps looking for ways to improve the workflow. Now we're getting client call reports from the account executives. Way cool!

I want to get into that sort of stuff. I want to learn how to identify the kind of information we need to capture and design the forms to make it easier for people to write things down. My mom's still working on finding a balance between asking for too little and too much information. People skip fields if the form asks for too much information. Hmm...

US laws say that blank forms aren't protected by copyright because the forms do not contain information in themselves. I wonder what our laws say? Anyway, this is cool stuff. I want to do things like the D.I.Y. Hipster PDA templates...

何社製のコンピューターをお使いですか。 What make of computer do you use?

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6. Geeksta rap

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Wired: Rap Marketing Comes to Nerdcore

Well, whaddaya know. =)

優れたコンピュータでもチェスではあなたを負かせない。 Even a good computer can't beat you at chess.

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