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1. Creating Passionate Users: Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers

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Kathy Sierra does it again! In Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers on her blog about Creating Passionate Users, Kathy lists 11 things every teacher should know and 10 tips every teacher should follow.

There's a reason why she's one of my idols. Fangirl, fangirl, fangirl...

Even if you're not officially teaching or training someone, you're going to find it useful. READ IT! NOW!

そのコンピューターはかなり時代遅れだったので役に立たなかった。 The computer was so outdated that it was good for nothing.

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2. Rediscovering the art of writing

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Charo Nuguid totally rocks. This pen-obsessed girl just gave (gave!) me an extremely pretty glass pen, the one she's been raving about for the past few days. Now pens and I don't usually get along. I have a callus on the wrong finger (ring instead of middle) due to incorrect writing habits, and although I favor signpens and gel pens, I can't write with a fountain pen for fear of bending the tip.

But ooh. Glass. With, like, an ink bottle and stuff. A quill, really. A very fancy quill with grooves near the tip to hold ink. Whoa.

And I have very nice monogrammed cards to use with it, too...

最近パソコンを初めた。 Recently it is beginning the personal computer.

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