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1. Interesting clubs

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Won't join all of them, but these look interesting





もしコンピューターがなければ、私たちの生活はどんなに不便だろう。 If it were not for the computer, how inconvenient our lives would be!

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2. Dinner: Mild Italian sausage and baked potato

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We're back to CookOrDie, folks! For those of you just tuning in, CookOrDie is my (so far non-fatal) attempt to learn how to cook by, well, forcing myself to eat the results of my experiments. Not a bad way to learn how to cook, mind you, and it certainly makes evenings interesting.

Today I went back to one of my CookOrDie staples. Sausages tend to be cheaper and easier to split into small portions than other sources of meat, and potatoes are a staple for cheap, easy-to-prepare carbohydrates. You can't beat the ease of microwaving a potato, and potatoes are hard to overcook!

I pricked two potatoes with a fork, smeared them with oil and microwaved them for four minutes, then turned them and microwaved them for another three.

Kathy usually boils her sausages, so I gave that a whirl. I took it out prematurely, though. Fortunately I sliced it open before popping it into my mouth--the core was still red! Silly me had already poured the previous contents of the pot down the drain, so I slipped the sausages into a fresh pot of water and set them boiling.

I then followed the package directions (panfry for 20-25 minutes, turning occasionally) for another two sausages for tomorrow's lunch. I carefully resisted the temptation to slice them open. =) They looked pretty good (or at least cooked, which is _very_ important). I munched on one piece to check for done-ness and taste.

Here's how dinner was originally prepared:

2 pieces Italian sausage 1.10
2 potatoes 0.46

Total: CAD 1.56

I might be able to make do with one sausage and one potato next time, which gives me a total cost of CAD 0.78.

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