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1. Happy days are here again!

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I can send and receive text messages! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Non-Filipinos may not understand precisely how important text messaging is. Heck, even with a Net connection at the lab, I _still_ didn't feel quite connected until I sent my first text message and got back a reply.

Whee! Whee! Whee!

Canadian cellular providers all suck. Fido sucks less than the others because it actually allows me to use my Nokia cellphone to text the Philippines for CAD 0.20 (although the guy warned me that cell providers in the Philippines might drop text during peak seasons like Christmas).

Rogers is also a GSM provider, but they said they can only text to around 10 countries. (Which doesn't make sense, because Fido and Rogers are practically the same company now...)

None of the providers will let me send e-mail from my phone. =(

But I'm so desperate for some kind of connectivity that I'll settle for text.

先日、パソコンショップでSIMMの掴み取りをやっていた。いくらなんでもマニアックすぎる。 SIMM had been grasped as much as possible in the personal computer shop the other day. It is too maniac.

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2. Yay! Network at home, too!

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My network connection in the dorm has been activated, too! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Hmm. 1.5 gigabit weekly bandwidth limit, though. I _may_ end up Skyping from the lab early in the morning, then...

E-Mail from Rebecca Spagnolo

ここ数年、コンピューターは仕事に限らず広く利用されるようになりました。 Recently, the increasing diversity of computer use has extended far beyond the realms of the office.

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