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BXWrite to Anna about business cards
BXMake a project form
CXWrite to Bill about improv


1. More about credit cards

Categories: None — Permalink has the goods on credit cards in Canada. Check out the list of student-friendly credit cards for no-fee low-minimum-income no-credit-history-needed deals.

If you're an international student, though, searching for a credit card is a frustrating experience. Under "Perfect for students!" and "Low interest rate!" signs, you'll find "Must be a Canadian resident." It isn't entirely fair how the Canadian government gets to consider you a resident for tax purposes but you don't get any of the resident perks, but that's life.

Don't give up, though! Some banks are at least aware of the predicament of international students. Calling up the International Student Centre yielded this quick tip:

Apply for the TD Canada Trust card at the Bay and Bloor branch (77 Bay Street, a short walk from campus). Don't forget to bring:

  • passport
  • study permit
  • confirmation of address: rental agreement, phone bill, etc.
  • proof of enrollment: status letter, etc.
  • deposit (at least CAD 1000)

This still leaves me stranded because I'm not actually officially enrolled yet, but hey, at least other people can use the tip.

As long as you use a credit card responsibly, it's a great way to build credit history. It's a heck of a lot more convenient than cash--in fact, a little too convenient sometimes. Take care of that shiny new piece of plastic!

コンピュータがこの会社に導入されつつあります。 Computers are being introduced into this company.

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2. Blast from the past

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If you want to know what I've been up to all this while, check out [[Year2004]2004], [[Year2003]2003], [[Year2002]2002], [[Year2001]2001]. <laugh> planner-notes-index.el does all the magic.

近年では、電子コンピュータがますます重要になってきた。 In recent years electronic computers have become increasingly important.

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