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BCAttend circus practice at 1300 Gerrard St E @1900 to 2100 from 2005.08.03
BXTransfer things into new bag
BXFind a good bag
BXBuy stackable containers (2005.08.03 shopping)


1. Shared Computer Access Locally and Abroad

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Engineers Without Borders has an excellent project called SCALA: Shared Computer Access Locally and Abroad. I learned about it from a blog entry that Charo Nuguid ran across.

From the blog entry:

So what do the [out of school youth] learn in the SCALA centers? They complete about 3 months of computer and life skills training at the center and then complete another 3 months of on-the-job training (that hopefully turns into employment after the 3 months is up) in the local community. The computer skills modules involve learning programs such as Word, Excel, Frontpage, Access, the Internet, and Powerpoint. Life skills training involves modules such as conflict management, budgeting, and leadership skills.

Good stuff. Help make a difference!

E-Mail from Charo Nuguid

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2. Shopping trip

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The bright red gash stretching across half my arm stings. Red is my favorite color, but I could have done without this parting shot from the broken clasp of my short-lived backpack. The backpack's mean gesture is understandable; it's jealous of the nice new tote I just bought.

And boy, did I look _everywhere_ for that tote. I coasted along Yonge Street, which conveniently sloped downhill in the direction I was going. I stopped at every major store I saw. Hudson Bay. Winners. Eaton Centre. I checked out every shop that looked like it might have a tote that was just the right size and style.

One of my shopping difficulties is that I have very specific ideas of what I want. My ideal bag had to be:

  • large enough to hold a binder
  • small enough to not look overwhelming
  • divided into at least two compartments, with plus points for secure outer pockets
  • well under CAD 50.00

I found it for CAD 24.99. The orange trim feels a bit more casual than I'd like, but I could pass it off as style and it works with my wardrobe colors anyway.

My 2" binder fits a little too snugly (I'd like to have a bit of space), so I need to shift to a 1" binder.

Everything else is just great. There's even a small pocket for the iPod...

Yay. I have a nice bag now. =)

I also picked up a bunch of organizing tools: stackable shelves, food savers, laundry nets, shoe bags...

Happy girl.

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