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1. Geeks and birthday parties

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Twelve hours' time difference didn't stop my friends from a proper birthday party for me. What can you expect when your friends are geeks? They pulled out all the stops: cellphones for quick setup and communication, Yahoo Messenger for text and video, and moblogs for pictures of the celebration. Too bad a firewall stopped us from chatting via Skype!

It was slightly weird because there were six people chatting around one computer in a coffee shop in Manila, one person connecting from U.P. Baguio (Mario), and of course me, connecting from my dorm. Six people! One keyboard! Still, through the valiant efforts of Dominique and Charo, Mario and I "heard" enough of the conversation to laugh ourselves to bits. Mario was the only one who could see my webcam, but he took a screenshot just so that the others could see me with my cute hat! =)

To commemorate my birth, my friends dug into a tub of dulce de leche ice cream. Knowing what kind of ice cream they had (and how quickly it was disappearing) reminded me of the ice cream parties we had when I was there. =) I remember our quest for dulce de leche, too! Oooooh... yummy... Not to be left out, I told them I'm going to cook lasagna later. Marcelle and Dominique remember what my lasagna tastes like. =)

They even called up long-distance and passed around the phone for quick birthday greetings!

_That's_ how you throw a geek birthday party.

Thanks, everyone. You really made my day special. That warm and fuzzy feeling you gave me this morning is what's getting me through the rest of this quiet day...


It's so great to have such friends! =D

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2. Quiet lab

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Friday afternoon at the lab. It's so quiet I can hear the water rumbling in the walls. I have a birthday cake in the refrigerator and no one to share it with. That, my dear friends, is culture shock.

Many people think of culture shock as just encountering cultures and customs different from their own, but culture shock is about far more than costumes or traditions. My form of culture shock is having to deal with the shift from a close-knit group of friends to an environment where I don't really know a lot of people yet.

Fortunately, the universe sensed I was about to get depressed, and it intervened. Melanie walked in and asked if I was still around. I brought the cake out of the refrigerator and _that_ brought Alvin out of his cubicle. Alvin and Melanie even sang Happy Birthday. =) We had more of that wonderfully chocolatey cake.

Now we're down to two decently-sized slices, which I can share with my roommate later. =)

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3. Flowers! =)

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I received a beautiful bunch of red, orange, purple and white flowers in the mail, from Mom, Dad, Ching and John, Kathy, Neko, Ollie, Lucas, Patch, Picco, Mali, and the Adphoto staff! =) The bouquet came with a vase (handy!) and a birthday balloon. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... I feel really warm and fuzzy!

Yes, yes, flowers are flowers and they'll wilt after a while, but they're very pretty, and it was such a great surprise to receive them. Besides, flowers tell other people that Something Special is Up, and This Girl is Special. =)

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4. Exhausted

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I was going to bake lasagna today, but the elevator broke down and all the shopping I did this afternoon totally wiped me out. Waaah.

This weekend: work on On Campus article, get my new site up and running. =)

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