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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
AXAttend Leah's Chalk Talk at IBM CAS
AXDemonstrate to Stephen Perelgut
AXGive speech #3: Get to the point (2005.08.30 toast)
AXAttend Toast IT at Metro Hall, 55 John St., 3rd floor - Toronto @1800 to 2000 from 2005.08.30
AXTeleconference with Mark


1. Maybe I've missed my calling...

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"You could have sold me _anything,_" said the Toastmaster who evaluated my speech about a personal board of directors.

Hmm. ;)

I got the Olympus WS-100 digital voice recorder upon the recommendation of several speakers. I used it to record my third Toastmaster speech, and let me tell you--hearing your own voice trip over words and dilute itself with countless "And"s and "you knows"... that's really something.

I need to re-record my speech before I can put it online. I think I'll do that tomorrow night, in the piano room.