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1. Learning how to be an adult

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Posted a rather painful and educational experience on my <nop>LiveJournal as a friends-locked entry. If you want to read about my internal conflicts (don't know why), send me your LJ id.

2. Book notes: The 5 patterns of extraordinary careers

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Title The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers
Authors James M. Citrin and Richard A. Smith
Citrin and Smith draw upon extensive experience in executive recruiting (and we're talking CEO searches for _big_ companies here!) to describe the career patterns for high-level executives. Not really my career path, but people who are interested in rising to the top through a mix of potential-based promotions (up) and experience-based promotions (generally sideways) will do well to read this book.

Check out 5patterns.com for a self-test, a useful job survival guide, and other goodies.