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1. Lifehack from Mom: Drying your drip-dry and dry-flat clothes? No problem!

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My mom is _amazing._ I told her about my problems finding a neat and roommate-friendly way to dry clothes that were too delicate for even the light cycle on the machine dryer. Hanging clothes on the bath curtain rod resulted in far too much dripping on the linoleum floor, and I had no idea how to go about satisfying those finicky dry-flat clothes. I needed expert help.

And Mom rose to the occasion.

I couldn't do anything permanent to the bathroom walls, so we searched for a suction-based portable clothesline. That was easy to find. Then we needed to figure out how to handle dry-flat clothes.

Mom suggested a boot tray with highly-absorbent towels or cloth diapers on top, but we couldn't find a nice tray. We found a sweater rack with air holes, but we still needed to catch the liquid somehow.

Drawing upon years and years of dealing with spills and messes, Mom came up with a brilliant idea: use a baby change pad. Highly-absorbent cotton on one side, waterproof lining on the other. _Perfect._


2. Love

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I'm such a lucky girl to have such an amazing family. I love them sooooooooooo much.