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1. Discovering my inner nerd II

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My first class clued me in to my inner nerd. My first lab report brought my inner nerd out in full force.

It's a good thing that I blocked off the entire day for the lab report, aside from a few hours in the morning to fix up a package for IBM.

I spent almost four hours practically rewriting the lab report. I fixed spelling, grammar and style. I fleshed out the report with ideas from a number of other papers, all properly cited. And I had _fun._

'course, as I was printing a copy for the teaching assistant, I started wondering whether having an undergrad lab partner was a good thing. I'm going to ask the teaching assistant if I could pair up with another grad student who also has the urge to write things nicely...

I don't feel so bad about my undergrad education now. I must've learned _something_ along the way.

2. Blog envy

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How can Zak make Planner look so cool?

I need to develop mad CSS skillz.

3. Annoyed with self

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One of my problems is that I often misplace things. Today I left a pack of stamps in my coat. They must've fallen out as I rummaged through the Japanese Paper Place. I also spent a fair bit of time looking for my idea notebook, which turned out to be in my drawer. This problem is costing me time and money, and I need to fix it.

Here's how I think I can address this problem:

- <b>Have clearly-defined places for everything.</b> For example, my

idea notebook should have been on the shelf with my other notebooks, but I haven't hardwired myself to put it there even when I'm not paying full attention. I took my access cards out and put them in my coat pocket when I walked around, but then spent time and had a little bit of stress making sure I had all the cards I needed. I should leave them in my wallet and just carry a handbag.

- <b>Put away things as early as possible.</b> I really shouldn't

ignore the nagging feeling that I should put something away. It invariably hurts. Case in point: stamps. I _thought_ I put it away in my stamps-and-writing-stuff drawer, but I apparently didn't.

- <b>Be fully in the moment.</b> I misplace things when I'm not paying

attention. I should slow done and live fully in the moment, paying attention to all my actions.