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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
AX@0146-0209 dependency tracking - highlight dependent tasks as gray, assuming that they're arranged properly - est 60min
AX@0210-0230 Sort out my weekly calendar
AX@0230-0240 Tweak recent entries to be easier to read
AX@1300-1315 Clear my inbox
AX@2100-2200 Q1 Write diyplanner article about research notes
AX@2200-2300 Q1 Lay out funny points for Toastmasters humorous speech entry
AX@2300-2359 Q2 Talk to Dominique over webcam
AX+diyplanner Write about organizing research notes
AXGet my card fixed by the entry assistant
AXSort out Toastmasters finances
AXE-mail grad students looking for a partner
AXTransfer my stationery out of the drawer
AXClear my desk
AXSend mom financial report
AXQ2 Announce transition to planner-muse (planner)
AX+finance File my expenses
BXSort out underneath my desk
BX+cooking Cook plenty of rice
BX+cooking Bake a potato
BX+cooking Freeze all the rice
CXQ4 Watch Corpse Bride
CXAdd cluster maps to my blog
CXFill out gradhouse survey


1. All the gory financial details

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My mom wanted to know if she needed to make any emergency funding arrangements for me, so I sent her a 24-page report of all the financial transactions I recorded since I moved to Canada.

It's arranged by category and then by month, and it includes each and every single line item. I might be missing one or two hotdogs here ard there, but in general, it's a good picture of how I've been spending money.

Gnucash makes it _fun_ to record my expenses, and creating reports is a breeze. Totally awesome stuff.

2. Get your life on

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Check out getyourlifeon for fresh grad survival tips. From the website: <blockquote> We are young. Maybe we're just out of college, maybe we've been working for a year or two. We're out there, looking for cool jobs, great places to go, what to buy, where to meet up, most importantly, what to do next. We are getting our lives on. And we're all in it together. </blockquote>

Awesome guide to surviving your first taste of the Real World. Good read even if you've been in the Real World for a while. Totally cool.

(Link via simplehuman)

3. Corpse Bride

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Argh. Corpse Bride is a movie worth watching on the big screen, but I don't really know anyone I can just drag to the movies with me.

I guess there's nothing wrong with going to watch it by myself. After all, I watched March of the Penguins. =)

I _could_ wait a few months and watch it at someplace like Bloor Cinema for less than half the price of a regular ticket...

... but Dominique's just watched it. Waah. Envy.

4. Finding the common vocabulary

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Trust the knowledge management webloggers to come up with an interesting word-based way to measure 'community' in blogs. Totally awesome work.

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% Breakfast Twice-baked potato and bacon
% Vitamins yes
% Dinner Left-over chicken feta casserole and couscous