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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
AC@0900-1100 Q2 Study for MIE1407F from 2005.10.20 (mie1407f)
AX@1100-1200 Q1 Attend lecture in MP134 from 2005.10.20 (mie1407f)
AC@1600-1800 Attend GSU orientation for women
BC@1600-1800 Join knitting group at Women's Centre : E-Mail from Cezary Niewiadomski
CC@1800-2100 Ryze networking event at Betty's
BC@1820-1855 Q2 Exercise: Basic step drop-in class at Field House from 2005.10.20
CX@1900-2100 Crochet group at Graduate House


Betty's 240 King Street East, Upstairs Toronto, ON, Canada

1. The sun _does_ come up after all

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Taught MIE451 a little bleary-eyed today, but fortunately picked up a number of useful stories from personal experience. Had fun using Excel wizardry to analyze the data from our lab in MIE448. I wowed my lab partner with pivot tables and matrices, coming up with a very nifty spreadsheet that automatically calculated the information stuff. School's okay.

Headed off to Bad Dog Theatre to watch improvised comedy. Great fun. Hung out with people after the show. Have made one good friend, I think. Bill said he doesn't mind just randomly hanging out. =)

Also got called by Dominique and my mom... =) Awwww...

In other news, my breath is starting to mist in the cold, and I'm packing my light leather coat because it's not warm enough. The thick turtleneck sweater that used to keep me warm in Japan let a little wind through, so I changed into one of the thick coats I picked up at Goodwill. That kept me pleasantly warm. My lace-up boots are still okay, though.

Oh dear. To think it's just October...

2. Bloglines wrap-up

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Online progress indicators

Clair Ching wrote about personal logs, giving my website as an example of online tracking. Merlin Mann wrote about keeping a personal status page. (Hmm, I should add something like that...)

TV is bad for you

"Kill the television" - Kathy Sierra of Creating Passionate Users.

Absolute worst thing to do: leave the TV on as background noise. Strangely enough, that's how most people I know use it. Terrible thing. I think that's why so many people have a hard time dealing with silence and relaxing...

Microsoft pooh-poohs developing countries

Microsoft: even if you give people free software or computers, they won't have the expertise to use it.

Well, duh. You can't be an expert on something you haven't _used._ Microsoft can go ahead and feel that way, while open source people work on bridging the digital divide...

3. Deciding not to Ryze to the occasion

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I wandered all the way over to 240 King Street E for the Ryze business networking event. I figured that it was worth a shot. Besides, Andrew Plumb likes Ryze enough to pay for it, so it can't be all that bad.

I ran for cover just as big raindrops started splattering on the sidewalk. The guy at the door directed me to the party upstairs, where I found three people sipping drinks at the bar and having a lively conversation about different cultures--and in particular, the late-night habits of people in Lisbon. =) I warmed up to them right away because one of them was talking about his sabbatical--ah, another person wandering outside the ivory tower! So I ordered a softdrink and settled in.

We got around to introductions maybe five minutes into the conversation. They asked me what I did, and I told them I'm taking HCI. Some confusion ensued. They asked me what department that's under. Even more confusion. Turned out it was a small party for people from George Brown College. Heh. I couldn't blame the guy who gave me directions at the door--I looked like a student!

I eventually found the Ryze get-together. The organizer was already there. She pointed out a thick roll of green tickets and described the evening as a business networking event. I nodded--I'd figured out that much from the website--and then she wrapped up with "...and that'll be around $20."

Now _that_ I didn't see on the website.

I did some very quick calculations in my head. Even if the thing included dinner, I didn't feel that $20 was worth cold-call conversations in a crowded bar.

I thanked the organizer politely and chit-chatted with the other early-birds there about social networks. I wanted to get a sense of people's energy levels. You know how there are some people who can make you instantly feel that you know them and they care about you? Well, I didn't really get that off the people there. They were more along the lines of "Hmm, that's interesting. <change topic>"

It was a toss-up that evening between Ryze and the crochet group at Graduate House. The crochet group won. (Okay, there was also meeting up with Calum, but it's a pity that that invite came a bit late...)

I took one last, quick look at the four people standing around the tickets, drained my 7-up, and headed back to the dorm.

Transit fare going there: $ 2.50<br/> Softdrink: $2.50<br/> Transit fare coming back: $ 2.50<br/> Realizing that I'm not into networking for networking's sake: ... =)


% Breakfast Twice-baked potato
% Dinner |