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1. Crisis in a time of chocolate and friendship

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Thanks to everyone who wrote in with words of warmth and support for a teaching assistant going through an imposter-syndrome-identity-crisis.

Thanks also to everyone who would've written had they had the time to read my blog. You've been busy, but that's okay. I know you care.

Thanks to all the people who poured me a cup of chocolate, virtual or not. Special thanks to my mom, who sent a gazillion packets of instant chocolate mix by airmail. I can buy instant chocolate mix at any store, but I can't buy that kind of love.

Thanks to my professors and my students for having more faith in me than I had in myself. Thanks for challenging me to do better.

Thanks, world, for reminding me that no matter how bad a crisis looks, I don't face it alone. I'm surrounded by people who are happy to help in whatever way they can. I can only hope that I will have opportunities to pay them back--or pay them forward.

What's crisis in the time of chocolate and friendship? It is an opportunity for shared troubles and shared joy.

2. Crossroads

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One of my best friends is discovering how agonizingly wonderful life is when you find the sweet spots where your passions and skills meet the world's needs. He said: <blockquote> Working in GMA has gotten me back in touch with the side of me that has and will always be immersed in Communications. In combination with WAVE, I have to say that despite the stress, dammit, I love my work. Both of them. </blockquote>

Add to this his love for teaching...

<blockquote> I've been drawn into Philosophy from day one with it, and there's just an amazing feeling you get when you have a student walk in and think how irrelevant Philosophy is to life only to walk out and think otherwise. </blockquote>

... and you have a very talented person wondering which way he should go, what he should do.

<blockquote> Mr. Bulaong told me to look at myself carefully, because the universe is molding me into something with an amazing potential. The question is for what that potential is meant to be, because it seems like this time, I can't expect to have my cake and eat it, too. </blockquote>

In the book "Built to Last", James Collins and Jerry Porras show how successful companies find ways to combine their strengths and explore their full potential. Success is not about the tyranny of the OR, but rather about the genius of the AND.

Why shouldn't people be able to do that too? It's not about OR: communications OR philosophy, radio OR teaching. Marcelle, keep thinking, keep wondering--you'll find a way to have your cake AND eat it too!

Not all teaching is done within a classroom, and not all communication is done from the DJ's booth. I know Marcelle will find a way to live as all of himself instead of just one part, as I trust I will find a way to fully, truly live.

3. Creativity

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Carl Sia dreads the thought of running dry: <blockquote> Creativity isn't something that can be tapped on demand. Unlike jobs that require a more or less fixed skill set, "getting creative" just isn't as simple as the idiom makes it out to be. I fear that my pen will run dry, starved not of ink but of the thoughts and passions that fuel it. And this, my good audience, will in turn starve the erstwhile author, yours truly.</blockquote>

But the world is one of abundance, and life is too rich and wonderful for us to run out of things to say. There are a million things I want to write about, and the main thing that frustrates me is that I can't find the words to express them as well as I want to. They are there, dancing just beyond my fingertips, waiting for me to describe them...

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