Headlines for Sunday:


Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
CX@2100 Hot chocolate socials at Graduate House
CC@2100-2200 Play Taboo with other grad students
AXSend mom my financial report
AXChores: clean floor
AXWeekly review and planning
BXCopy project design: about, download, documentation, weblog, community, source
BXReply about free writing lessons : E-Mail from Don Marti (writing)
BXReply about activities : E-Mail from NEL SALVACION VOTY-Research
BXReply about visas, Philippine context : E-Mail from Paul Lussier
BXTrack down LJ recopy of article
BXPut outline into wiki : E-Mail from Harvey Chua
BXReread general manager answers for Adphoto : E-Mail from Harvey Chua
BXConsider website suggestions : E-Mail from Harvey Chua
BXReply about certification : E-Mail from Richi's server
BXTake a look at DSS stuff : E-Mail from Peter Shepard
BXCheck out half a century of research on the Stroop effect, psych bulletin 109:2 - March 1991 : E-Mail from Antony Hilliard
BXMove plannerlove stuff off beatrice : E-Mail from Fabio Tranchitella
BX+help Send Vincent note about life in Toronto : E-Mail from Janette Toral
CXFile Kathy's cookie recipe somewhere secret : E-Mail from Kathy Chua
CXPractice billiards


1. Taming the TODO

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My Linux Journal article is up now! =) http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8378 has nicer formatting than my entry on 2005.11.01 .

2. Planning the week

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Last week's plans

  • Lab report: Due Friday. Write up results tomorrow, sketch discussion

We finished the lab report with some time to spare, although the discussion part took us a while. Antony's great as a lab partner, and working on a lab report in pairs is much more fun than writing parts separately.

  • DSS: Monday: prepare clustering lab for Weka, prepare new project

I decided not to go into the clustering features of Weka, focusing instead on decision trees. I posted the second project and tried it out, so I know that it's pretty straightforward. I had an oops-my-bad moment: forgot to tell them about the handouts, so they had a hard time following along in the lab. How embarrassing.

  • Research: collect tagging information in my wiki

I'm getting into the hang of reading academic papers. I need to step up the pace, though, as the end of the term is coming soon.

  • Enggpsych: Get further sources for powergrid story, revise chapter 4

I didn't get to work on this. I should concentrate on this paper because the end of the term is coming soon, and I'll be very busy marking DSS stuff.

  • Social: Get started on my Christmas cards, make birthday present for Michael

Haven't started on the Christmas cards yet. Had fun at Michael's party, though.

Last week's highlights: bonding

Last week was all about having fun with people. Ubuntu talk on Tuesday, breakfast on Wednesday, meeting Wednesday night, roommates party Thursday night and Friday night, and Mike's party on Saturday night--wow!

It wasn't all play, though. ;) I got into the rhythm of reading papers, and the bookmarklet I wrote for posting stuff to my research wiki was useful. Labs for the decision support systems class were hard to prepare, but I'm surviving somehow. I wrote a lot: a lab report, a couple of quick reflections, Planner newbie guides, and two ShortStories. I'm getting there!

Plans for next week

  • DSS: Show very basic JESS demo, which I practiced already. Check projects. (Argh.)
  • Research: Read 10 more papers and then start drafting my reading paper.
  • Engg psych: Look up sources for the powergrid story and make an outline for my paper.
  • Social: Temporarily on hold. May get around to Christmas letter.
  • Toastmasters: Speech #7 about becoming an expert

3. Lost in translation

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Watched Lost in Translation again. Missed Japan. Strange how I feel like even more of a foreigner in Canada than I did in Japan. Strange how one good friend can make all the difference.