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BX@1000-1020 Follow up cognition study at SS624 : E-Mail from RalZ Affect
AX@1030-1100 Post other projects
AX@1100-1200 Doublecheck the lab
AC@1200-1400 Find papers on how people organize files (research)
AX@1400-1600 Describe task proximity problem for MIE paper (mie1407f)
AC@1600-2000 Write about how people organize files (research)
CX@2030-2130 Watch Bill Thanis' show


1. Trend Micro programming contest champions - MSU IIT!

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Got the news from a text message posted to the Kagay-anon Linux Users Group. =) Congratulations to MSU-IIT, Grand Champions for the 2005 Trend Micro programming contest!
  • BERSANO, Joel Michael - BS EC V
  • BONITA, Nino - BS ECE IV
  • CABRERA, Rez - BS EE V
  • HAIM, Stephen - BS EC V
  • MEDIO, Abner Lyle - BS CS IV
2nd DLSU
3rd UP
I think it's _totally_ awesome that a non-Manila team won the contest. =D Take that, everyone who thinks only of the big three schools! I think it's absolutely fantastic! Looking at http://www.msuiit.edu.ph/scs/ , I'm also very much impressed by the fact that two of their students are among the 20 grand prize winners of the 2004 IBM Linux Scholars Challenge. Neaaaato.

(And I'm surprised not to find any teams from Ateneo in the finals. Either we didn't try, or we didn't do well. Weird!)