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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
AX@1200 Print and hand in my paper for mie1407f (mie1407f)
BC@1600-1900 Consider attending event about cutting-edge features in Java, OpenSolaris and Swing : E-Mail from Alvin Chin
AXStudy chapter 5
BXShop for groceries
BXWrite minutes for IBM meeting
BXSend them diary file : E-Mail from David Fono


1. Let me just say...

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2. What gets me excited about social bookmarking?

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First, there's <b>personal organization.</b> I could never get the hang of bookmarks and folders, and it was hard to remember what to search for.

Then there's <b>social discovery.</b> I check my del.icio.us once in a while in order to find out what the latest bookmarks are in a certain area, although I'm now slightly annoyed about the fact that most bookmarks are either stuff I've already seen or stuff I don't care about.

So that's not what I really like, either.

I somewhat like using del.icio.us to share URLs, but those tend to be special-purpose tags we've agreed on beforehand. I don't really tell people to check out my http://del.icio.us/sachac/social links, for example, because there are just too many links for people to sort through properly. It's the problem of navigating through someone else's personal information space.

Social search a la http://myweb2.search.yahoo.com isn't that big for me either because (a) I'm not connected enough to get much better search results, and (b) I don't trust that all the relevant sites have been bookmarked, so I may as well go through a regular search engine.


On the other hand, using event- (http://del.icio.us/tag/torcamp) or issue-oriented tags like digitalpinay (http://del.icio.us/tag/digitalpinay) made it easy to quickly gather bookmarks without having to set up some kind of groupblog or wiki.

<b>And I totally, totally, totally love checking out people's bookmarks and getting an idea of their interests.</b>


That's my killer app for del.icio.us. Stalking. ;) No, no, it's called keeping up with old friends and making new ones.

And that's why people check out my bookmarks, too. Okay, well, they don't really have a choice because I include my bookmarks in my blog feed for my tech-savvy friends who read lots of blogs, so other geeks can't help but notice whenever I bookmark tango websites and whatnot.

I wonder if there's a business use for this, like the way I would _really_ like being able to flip through other people's bibliographies. Stuff like that.

I CAN DO THIS. I just have to make sure that it's not a solution in search of a problem! &lt;laugh&gt;

See, PhD students can spend time figuring out what the problem is and then thinking up a solution. What's a master's student supposed to do?

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3. Open-source doctor one of Ten Outstanding Young Men for 2005

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Posted by Ricardo Gonzalez on PLUG: <blockquote> Congratulations to Dr. Alvin B. Marcelo of the UP-Medical Informatics Unit for winning the prestigious 2005 TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Men) in the field of Medicial/Health Information.

The TOYM award was given for his use of Open Source Software in his community health based projects.

I think we now have a new "poster boy" for the open source movement in the Philippines.

More power and success to Dr. Alvin Marcelo. </blockquote>


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4. Commercial support and free software

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Commercial support for free software makes plenty of business sense. Check out Free Grows Revenue - Just Ask Your Carrier. =)

Excerpt: <blockquote> Because no Fortune 2000 customer on earth is going to run the heart of their enterprise with products that don't have someone's home number on the other end. And no developer or developing nation, presented with an equivalent or better free and open source product, is going to opt for a proprietary alternative. </blockquote>