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1. Outreach: CompSAt I.T. Literacy Training for Public School Teachers: 00:30

In Manila and want to help out?

Check out Mark Punzalan's post:

CompSAt RnD has an I.T. outreach project entitled "I.T. Literacy Training for Public School Teachers" (what a mouthful!). This is a project with DISCS and ACED (Ateneo Center for Educational Development). Through this project, we aim to provide grade school and high school public school teachers with I.T. literacy training to help them teach their students about computers. You may not be aware of it, but a lot of public school teachers have little experience with computers, and the average Ateneo student probably knows a LOT more than they do.

We NEED volunteers for the training sessions. Training sessions will be held every Saturday from 8-12 in the morning at F-227, starting this Saturday, Dec. 10. DISCS will provide the curriculum for instruction (simple stuff like using Word, Excel, the Internet, etc.) and possibly refreshments.

We only need two volunteers every Saturday. We're sorely lacking in volunteers. If you want to help out, please contact me via email or mobile phone (see my contact details below). We will be having a meeting this Wednesday at 4:30 PM, venue TBA (probably at Faura). You can drop by even if you don't notify me, but it'd be better if you let me know beforehand. Feel free to ask your friends to help out. More volunteers are very much welcome! :-)

Thanks, and have a nice day!

Mark C. Punzalan Vice President for Research and Development The Computer Society in the Ateneo punzki@compsat.org

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