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1. The Year in Bookmarks

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Top 10 tags for 2005 productivity(104) web2.0(88) digitalpinay(88) social(84) useful(83) business(80) blogs(70) research(69) lifehacks(68) blogging(60)

Check out my year in bookmarks for more detail. =) If you want me to analyze yours, just save to all.xml and run this Ruby script. You can also e-mail me ([email protected]) your all.xml if you don't want to go through the hassle yourself.

Much fun!


require 'rexml/document'
require 'date'

include REXML

YEAR = 2005
USER = "sachac"
doc = Document::new(File::new('all.xml'))

month_hash = {}
month_total = {}
tag_total = {}
doc.elements[1].elements.each {
  date = DateTime::parse(x.attributes['time'])
  if (date.year == YEAR)
    x.attributes['tag'].split(' ').each {
      month_hash[date.month] ||= {}
      month_hash[date.month][tag] ||= 0
      month_hash[date.month][tag] += 1
      tag_total[tag] ||= 0
      tag_total[tag] += 1
    month_total[date.month] ||= 0
    month_total[date.month] += 1

s = "Top 10 tags for " + YEAR.to_s + " |"
tag_total.sort_by { |tag,total| -total }.slice(0, 10).each { |tag,total|
  s += ' <a href="' + USER + '/' + tag + "\">" + tag + "</a>(" + total.to_s + ")"
puts s

month_hash.sort.each { |month,tags|
  s = Date::MONTHNAMES[month] + "<br/>(" + month_total[month].to_s + " bookmarks) |"
  tags.sort_by { |tag,total| -total }.each {
    s += ' <a href="' + USER + '/' + tag + "\">" + tag + "</a>(" + total.to_s + ")"
  puts s

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2. Characters blogged versus bookmarks

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My blogging activity is similar to my bookmarking activity, so that means that bookmarking stuff with doesn't mean I don't blog as much. =)

3. Friday night

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Ack! I guess I really am an extrovert now. I find it to be _dreadfully_ quiet for a Friday night. The kind of quiet that makes me wonder if everyone else is at fabulous parties that I just don't know about. Oh well.

The Year in Bookmarks

Top 10 tags for 2005 productivity(104) web2.0(88) digitalpinay(88) social(84) useful(83) business(80) blogs(70) research(69) lifehacks(68) blogging(60)
digitalpinay(71) productivity(17) lifehacks(15) philippines(12) emacs(10) blogs(9) weblog(7) education(6) oss(5) management(5) passion(5) localization(4) writing(4) japanese(3) gtd(3) planning(2) computing(2) emacs-wiki(2) flash(2) research(2) system:unfiled(2) planner(1) puzzles(1) humor(1) tools(1) teaching(1) wishlist(1) planner-el(1) todo(1) linux(1) l10n(1) gradschool(1) rss(1) cats(1) programming(1) comics(1) adphoto(1) geek(1) dominique(1) math(1) pim(1) web(1) games(1) business(1) software(1) graphics(1) books(1)
digitalpinay(16) system:unfiled(9) pim(8) planner(7) chignell(7) blogs(7) philippines(6) ruby(4) lifehacks(4) linux(3) emacs(3) research(3) productivity(3) social(2) school(2) education(2) programming(2) japanese(2) personalization(2) esl(1) passion(1) geek(1) flashfiction(1) oss(1) planning(1) voip(1) learning(1) lisp(1) slashdot(1) microfiction(1) shortstory(1) notetaking(1) emacs-wiki(1) math(1) japan(1) grad(1)
business(9) planner(7) writing(2) library(1) productivity(1) tips(1) php(1) linux(1) gradschool(1) useful(1) bisaya(1) ipv6(1) adphoto(1) education(1) emacs-wiki(1) networking(1) books(1) lifehacks(1)
emacschannel(10) emacs-irc(10) oss(5) productivity(4) advocacy(4) planner(4) planning(3) emacs(3) lifehacks(3) writing(3) sms(2) system:unfiled(2) business(2) hipster(2) linux(2) evangelism(2) chignell(2) philippines(1) lisp(1) cooking(1) education(1) pim(1) research(1) eclair(1) gradschool(1)
system:unfiled(3) lifehacks(2) planning(2) productivity(2) ldr(1) emacs(1) gtd(1) hipster(1) lifehack(1) planner(1) organization(1) subscribed(1) blogs(1)
information(2) blogs(2) productivity(2) learning(2) useful(2) presentation(2) library(2) resources(2) business(1) system:unfiled(1) howto(1) forms(1) freelance(1) p(1) poetry(1) humor(1) social(1) grad(1) rss(1) education(1) geek(1) gradschool(1) subscribed(1) tech(1) wiki(1) research(1) hipster(1) writing(1)
toronto(13) forms(11) budget(9) productivity(7) research(5) lifehacks(4) useful(4) iml(4) books(3) mobile(3) communication(3) hci(3) sms(3) teaching(2) business(2) planning(2) blogging(2) writing(2) photos(1) free(1) resources(1) tools(1) social(1) creativity(1) organizer(1) finance(1) programming(1) google(1) lifehack(1) organization(1) interesting(1) education(1) web(1) wiki(1) code(1) gtd(1) blogs(1) graphics(1) life(1) hipster(1)
career(29) productivity(16) selfhelp(14) blogging(13) useful(12) lifehacks(12) research(12) blogs(10) speech(10) personalboard(10) education(8) gtd(8) social(8) hipster(7) web(7) rolemodel(7) networking(7) communication(7) organizer(6) toblog(6) voicerecorder(6) programming(5) writing(5) coaching(5) lifehack(5) pim(5) disruptive(4) pda(4) cooking(4) finance(4) tags(4) daily(4) cool(3) forms(3) introductions(3) entrepreneurship(3) oncampus(3) software(3) philippines(3) gradschool(2) wishlist(2) housekeeping(2) business(2) tips(2) km(2) wiki(2) personalization(2) planning(2) linux(2) ibm(2) usability(2) oss(2) budget(2) life(2) notetaking(2) learning(2) howto(2) passion(2) evangelism(2) mindmap(1) technology(1) marketing(1) tospeak(1) speaking(1) tiddlywiki(1) thinking(1) kmdi(1) tasks(1) geek(1) subscribed(1) teaching(1) free(1) toronto(1) knowledgemanagement(1) gmail(1) wordpress(1) selfimprovement(1) knowledge(1) prospeaking(1) advocacy(1) tagging(1) bookmarking(1) journalism(1) cats(1) web2.0(1) books(1) groupware(1) pdf(1) podcast(1) story(1) consulting(1) funny(1) windows(1) voip(1) presentation(1) toastmasters(1) podcasts(1) school(1) news(1) food(1) clue(1) ebook(1) creativity(1) people(1) pro(1) grad(1) selling(1) travel(1) postit(1) management(1) problogging(1) clothing(1)
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