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1. Taming the TODO: 00:29

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I gave a presentation on Taming the TODO for the New to Linux Users Group. It was a very small session, just five people in the audience, but worth giving anyway. I learned more about the topic as I presented it, and people enjoyed my enthusiasm. =)

(PDF, OpenOffice.org 2.0)

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2. Metadata class: 00:32

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The metadata class was okay. The professor doesn't just read off the slides. She tells stories sometimes, too. I'm glad that we don't have too many oral presentations, though... <laugh> My classmates were informative, but tended to read off the slides.

3. Scopus - scholarly search on steroids: 01:15

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I am totally in love with Scopus. Try using it to search for scholarly papers. It pwns Google Scholar for structured search. ;)

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4. Who Moved My Oatmeal?: 07:52

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My oatmeal has gone missing. I really, really, really should've scribbled my name on it.

I wrote a note on my receipt (thank goodness I keep records!) asking if anyone had seen my open paper pack of quick-cooking oatmeal. A Post-it addendum apologized if I'd been unknowingly taking from someone else's supplies and asks that I be informed so that I can check with the supermarket or just absorb the loss and buy another pack. A third Post-it note added that if people had been mistaking my oatmeal for the intact one-minute oatmeal buried behind the brown sugar on someone else's shelf, then no problem, but please stop moving my oatmeal.

Life is too complicated for 8:00 in the morning.

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5. A waste of mangoes: 08:38

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<sigh> I miss the Philippines and mangoes that ripen beautifully. I tried one of the mangoes today, and it wasn't sweet. I should've checked the others regularly.

Next time: put them all in the fruits compartment instead of leaving them out (remember, indoor heating makes it _warmer_ than home!), and check them every day.

If I find a proper mango here, I'm going to splurge on getting it.