Headlines for Friday:

  1. Lazy web (153 words)
  2. Social researchers (144 words)
  3. New tools for discovering people (85 words)



1. Lazy web: 22:52

Ideas are a dime a dozen, and that's just the way I like it!

It means that a few months after I daydream about some kind of social networking site focused on software applications people use, I stumble across something that actually does it. Freakishly, I already had a login. I probably created an account, forgot about it, and made it part of my subconscious.

But how _wonderful_ it is that other people think like I do!

That's why I don't mind giving my ideas away. I'm pretty sure that lots of people out there have thought of the same things. What's different about me is how I _do_ things: the enthusiasm and passion and care I can bring to something. And that - well, I'm working on giving _that_ away, too, infecting as many people as I can... =)

In the meantime, I can enjoy the benefits of the lazy Web. Hooray!

2. Social researchers: 22:59

One of the most wonderful things about social bookmarking research is, well, how very social it is. We congregate around our systems like the way people used to gather around water coolers. I love the way that the first impression I get from a page is not of link counts or tags, but of people with varied interests, and I want to improve support for collaboration in order to bring people out even more.

Another remarkable thing about social bookmarking is that people into it _love_ sharing information. They share bookmarks, bibliographies - heck, even blogs. I can browse around a social bookmarking site and get a sense not only of what I need to know about the system itself but also the other hobbies and interests of the early adopters.

It's an amazing field to get into, and very very exciting.

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3. New tools for discovering people: 23:05

When the people in your physical network are as new to a technology as you are, how do you find out more? Blogs and social bookmarking, of course! Totally awesome. Tons of fun. Life would be _much_ better with a good search engine, of course, but exploring people's bookmarks isn't an entirely bad way to do things either. I found a couple of clusters of people who aren't formally linked to each other but who collaborate, and I also found really awesome early adopters... Whee!