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1. GTALug; best practices for socials: 00:50

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I remembered just in time to run down to the monthly GTA Linux Users Group socials at the Graduate Student Union Pub. Tons of fun chatting with Bill, Seneca and the others. Happy to also report that Drew (previously-mentioned booth-babe-comment person) was well-behaved. =)

I had recovered my good mood and was chatting with the others about strange things about Barbie dolls, laughing and smiling in my usual animated manner. (Animated as in anime, indeed!) Someone from another table approached me and said that his friend had been wanting to meet me. On cue, the poor guy at the other table was roundly teased by his friends. I smiled and told the friend thank you. I blushed a bit - it was quite flattering, after all. I then flashed a friendly/polite smile and returned to conversing with the other people at my table.

I think that worked out quite well, as I didn't lead him on but at the same time didn't make him feel terrible. In retrospect, my response could have been a bit more helpful - telling his friend I'm taken would make sure his friends don't tease him too much about it - but so far, so good. =)

What are the best practices for situations like these?

Random Japanese sentence: メグはペットに猫を飼っている。 Meg has a cat as a pet.