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1. Much fun chatting with James and Stefan: 01:39

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I had tons of fun chatting with James and Stefan about Romania (Stefan's from there) and nearby places. One of the things I really enjoy about the Graduate House is the constant exposure to people from all over the world with such different experiences. I enjoyed hearing Stefan's stories about life behind the Iron Curtain and what life was like after the revolution. James provided excellent analyses thanks to his anthropology background, and I - I just soaked all of those stories up... =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 彼は一日じゅう行方不明の猫を探した。 He hunted for his missing cat all day.

2. Out early again: 01:40

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One of these days I really should resolve to go to sleep early - 10:00, maybe? - so that I can wake up early enough to chat with my friends and family before going off somewhere. I'll be off to IBM early again tomorrow (today!). I'm thinking of moving my IBM day to Thursday instead of Friday. Might be a better schedule, and I'd catch more people in the office...

I miss talking to my family and friends!

Random Japanese sentence: そして、長い長い間歩いて、とうとう、どこもここも、ねこでいっぱいになっている丘にでました。 He walked along, long time and at last he came to a hill which was covered with cats.