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1. Well-spent Sunday: 00:32

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I baked chocolate chip cookies for my hospital-bound friend today, and we had a lot of fun at an impromptu party with his other friends. =)

I spent the afternoon attending a Persian New Year celebration. The dance show we wanted to watch was fully booked, so we ended up listening to music instead. I didn't know enough about the culture to fully appreciate it, although I found the instruments interesting. The field-trip was a great excuse to meet other graduate students. I met Oz(sp?) (Geology), Lusine (Armenian, Health Sciences), Brian (Archaeology, used to be a pilot), Nancy (Public Health), Li-Fang (Molecular Cell Biology), and quite a number of other residents. Now, if I had remembered to ask for their last names, I might've been able to look them up in the directory. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to run into them at coffee time or in the elevator...

In the evening, I baked lasagna before heading down to play billiards and table tennis with other Graduate House residents. Come to think of it, I actually enjoyed that more than tango. =)

The lasagna... well... turned into lasagna soup. No-boil lasagna noodles aren't very forgiving when it comes to the recipe, I guess. I was worried about making it too dry. It turned out too soft instead. =) That's okay. I'll still eat it. I had meatballs and cut-up lasagna noodles today, using up more of the lasagna noodles I had mistakenly boiled last time.

Random Japanese sentence: 彼女は家に残された猫のことを思い出した。 She thought of her cat left behind at home. Kanojo wa ie ni nokosareta neko no koto o omoidashita.

(I did too! I miss Neko...)

2. Tango party and stuff: 11:59

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I visited the hospital again. Lasagna is apparently not a good idea as it gets cold pretty quickly, and it depends on appetite. I'll bring cookies next time. Cookies are always good, and they keep well. But they've transferred him to another place quite far away... =(

Last night was the tango party. Tons of fun! =)

Random Japanese sentence: 「ああ、よかった!」と、おじいさんは、よろこ んでいいました。「さぁこれで、この中から、一番きれいなねこを選んでつれ て帰ればいいんだ」 "Oh" cried the old man joyfully, "Now I can choose the prettiest cat and take it home with me!" [Aa, yokatta!] to, ojiisan wa, yorokonde iimashita. [saa kore de, kono naka kara, ichiban kirei na neko o erande tsurete kaereba ii n da]