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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
AX@0900-1200 BL728 FIS2186 Metadata Schemas and Applications Q1 from 2006.03.28
AX@1400 Meet Alvin re dogear
BC@1800-2000 Attend Toast IT at Metro Hall, 55 John St., 3rd floor - Toronto Q2 from 2006.03.28
AC@2030-2130 Renaissance dance

1. I am loved beyond my ability to comprehend: 00:55

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... and it is the most beautiful thing in this world.

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Random Japanese sentence: 木の上のねこが私の所へ降りてきた。 The cat on the tree came down to me.

2. Cook Or Die spoof: 01:35

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From Calum, who doesn't see the point of all of my blogging about cooking:
March 3rd:

Today I made frosted flakes with milk, or "flacon du mais glacee au lait". Bought large 900g box at Price Chopper. N. sure if this will last. Flakes were v. sweet because of frosting. Will have to try with less milk next time.

March 4th:

Tried frosted flakes again, but this time, I added flakes to milk instead of milk with flakes after researching this concept a little more on the Internet.

This worked out very well. I will put up a flickr photostream on how to pour the flakes into the milk.

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March 6th:

Had to skip breakfast today but I wrote a poem about frosted flakes:

Flakes of corn are sweet
A-drift they float in white ocean
Loss of taste in time

March 8th:

Oh! I have friends who also like frosted flakes! Props to lulubear83, gigi7, cerealchik!

March 10th:

I have decided to experiment with fruit today. Bought carton of strawberries from market (link to Google frappr of fruit stands in downtown Toronto). Here is a mob-blog of my shopping trip:

E-Mail from Calum Tsang

Random Japanese sentence: 「わたしにはちゃんとわかっているのだ。だって私は百匹のねこ、千匹のねこ、百万匹、一億、一兆匹のねこを見てきたんだからねぇ」と、言いました。 I ought to know, for I've seen hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats and not one was as pretty as this one.

3. Bronte: 02:17

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I'm having a very Bronte moment, s'all I can say. =)

Random Japanese sentence: ネコの毛がさかだった。 The cat's fur stood on end.

4. Darn! CHI coincides with Linux World Canada: 22:51

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The ACM conference on Computer-Human Interaction runs at the same time as Linux World Canada, so oh well...

Random Japanese sentence: 秘密はもうすっかり知れ渡っているよ。 The cat is well out of the bag.