Headlines for Friday:

  1. Life on a sugar high (134 words)
  2. Tacsiyapo (164 words)
  3. Reading paper (40 words)



1. Life on a sugar high: 00:34

Stephen gave me the leftover Timbits (munchkins that say "eh") for lunch earlier. He probably regretted that decision, though, as I was on a sugar high all afternoon and well into the evening. =)

Then again, my life's like that. Here's a picture taken by Joey de Villa (Accordion Guy) at the Rails pub night last 2005.04.17:

I'm the blur on the left. Should be instantly recognizable to anyone who's ever met me in person. ;) That picture is _so_ me.

I'm not always like that, though. I like my long, slow cooking dinners, my bliss-out days...

... but yeah, I spend most of my time on a natural sugar high! =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 私たちは猫を飼っています。私たちはみなその猫が好きです。 We have a cat. We are all fond of the cat.

2. Tacsiyapo: 01:00

I love it when I have an idea, and then stumble across its implementation! I blogged (2005.03.23#3) about an anger management place that would let you throw plates and other fun fragile things against walls, and Marcelle's just described it!

The Tacsiyapo Wall

In the same floating restaurant, there was this place called the Tacsiyapo Wall, where people threw plates and other stuff at the walls to release their anger. There were loads of marks on the wall, indicating people you might want to throw at but instead take your frustrations out on the wall. The price was about 45 bucks a plate.

From "mother-in-law" to "corrupt politicans" to "ex-girlfriends", it was pretty amusing to see people yell "Tacsiyapo!!!" then promptly toss a plate at the wall.

For those with bigger issues that plates couldn't settle, televisions are also available to chuck at the wall for 1,300 bucks each.


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Random Japanese sentence: その猫は部屋の中へ逃げ込んだ。 The cat ran away into the room.

3. Reading paper: 23:56

Just finished the first part of my reading course paper: Personal Knowledge Management for Web Bookmarks. 33 references, 4 pages of actual text - that was some summarizing! <laugh> And it's still nowhere near comprehensive...

Next step: Sharing!

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